Thursday, February 11, 2016

How Do I Get Him off my Mind!

Good day ma, am a great fan of yours and I really appreciate all your advice to people in this room, may God bless you.
Ma I am in the university now,I met this guy whom I love so much around September. I wasn't fast in dating him just because I wanted to avoid heartbreak. Ma he resumed school January and he said he wouldn't be back until he rounds up a whole level in which we promised each other to be faithful. Everything went fine until after a little fault that I put off my phone on him cause I called and the place was too noisy and ever since then he took it personal.
Ma not until yesterday he sent me a message that we should give ourselves break because he wasn't concentrating on his studies anymore due to his thoughts of me always. I called him and all he was saying was that he was sorry,things are going to be fine. Ma this guy made me love him so much because of all his promises. Ma please advice me on what to do, am losing my mind. I feel my world has been torn apart. Tell me what to do to get him off my mind so I could also concentrate in my studies. Thanks ma.

Get hold of yourself, give yourself so much love and affection, celebrate yourself and remind yourself of who you are and where God is taking you to. No man can love you beyond the level of self appreciation and self confidence.
Promises are useless when there is no sincerity of purpose and commitment to making the promises a reality in the relationship. Your relationship is too young for you to forget that before he came into your life, God has been with you and has never failed.
From his excuses and attitude based on your mail, it's obvious that he's not "crazily in love with you" which is why he's not giving you the room to expect anything from him. Take him as one of those admirers who have so much to say but nothing to show that they could remember what they said or what they have in mind concerning the relationship.
Your first class is your primary responsibility and for no reason should you permit this young man to rent a space in your heart and distract you from achieving the purpose for which God has brought you to the school.
There's so much time for you to experience love and so many men looking forward to falling in love with you so do not lose hope yet or feel discouraged. Give him the break and if you don't mind add up to the break so that you can liberate yourself and channel your energy and passion to your academics.

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  1. My dear, you are in school for a purpose. If you are not focused you may not achieve that purpose. If you desire to come out tops in your studies I advice you to keep away from serious relationship. There is time for everything. This is your time to read and read and read. There will be plenty of time to flex and galavant when you are out of school with a first class or 2:1. You are being naive my friend, so you still let promises to scatter your head. Pls when next someone makes promises to you ask the person if he or she is God? Only God can make a promise and stay alive to fulfil it. Pls concentrate on your studies, keep only study group friends, fellowship friends, just at platonic level with no string attached. That way your heart is safe.


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