Thursday, February 18, 2016

Should I Wait for Him?

Am new on your site, but I have been hearing about the good works you do. I met this guy through a friend, he is a year older than me and is supposed to have done his youth service before me, but he was having issues in school.
Am currently serving and am about to finish while he will be going for service soon. He is a set before me in school. I love him very much but sometimes, I get disturbed with the possibility of us being together.
He is the first son and told me of his intentions but also asked for me to give him like three years to sort himself out when he is done serving because he is the first child and his dad is late. But the thing is my parents disapprove of him because he is not from the same tribe with me.
Should I wait for him or just forget about him, because I am confused. I love him very much and do not want to lose him.

When it comes to deciding who to settle down with for the rest of your life, your convictions comes first. This is because the opinions and perceptions of the world about him may not be the true definition of his personality and while anyone else will suggest, advise, encourage and share their opinions about him, you are the only one in the best position to decide who is best for you because marriage is a personal race and a lifetime journey too.
That he's the first born, finished late from school, and is from another tribe has nothing to do with what you need in a partner and in marriage.
If you are convinced that he's the one for you, you can help your family understand that you are in love with him because of his personality and vision in life and not his tribe.
Seek the face of God and do not let the circumstances or temporary challenges of life to push you into settling for a partner who may make you miserable in your life.

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