Wednesday, March 30, 2016

I'm Just an Option to Her!

Hello Aunty Amara, God bless you for your work, please I
need your advice on this.

What happened is that I met this girl when I was in school, when I asked her out initially before we started dating, she told me then that she has a boyfriend though not in our school and I told her not to worry about that.

By then, I was thinking it's just a school affair/fling but along the line I fell deeply in love with her even though I know she's still keeping the other guy and probably others.

The problem I'm now having is that, to her I'm just like an option, like a side kick while she's the only one I'm dating, my one and only and I'm no longer comfortable with that anymore.

Just imagine me knowing that my supposed girlfriend is having another guy, not even secretly, and I won't be able to say or do anything about it because she has already "told" me about it?

It have been giving me a lot of concern lately and I don't know what to do about it. Please, what can you advice me to do?

I must be sincere with you that you were selfish to have thought it wise to date a lady who was already in a relationship with another man.
If you are feeling this way knowing that she had another man who she's dating, how do you feel that he will react when he gets to know that the lady he's dating is being disturbed by another man?
Call it school flings, call it fake relationship, give so many reasons to convince yourself that you can love her but please respect every relationship and date only a lady who is single and emotionally available for a relationship.
This is the kind of relationships that may make one individual to stab another or make one person to react in a nasty manner.
There are so many good ladies who will love you selflessly and genuinely, please consider them and quit dating a lady in a relationship with another man to avoid punishing yourself unnecessarily and disappointing you later on.
Be a noble man and do the right thing!


  1. Dating a woman whom you know has a man is like dating a married woman.Guy go get another girl. Most important concentrate on your studies and get a good GP.

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  3. Guy go nah! Haven't u had enough of another guy's babe?
    U wan carry am wholesale???!!!

  4. Guy go nah! Haven't u had enough of another guy's babe?
    U wan carry am wholesale???!!!


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