Tuesday, March 8, 2016

I'm Psychologically Traumatised!

Good day Ma, I want to thank you in a special way, for the way and manner you've been solving people's problem, and I hope you'll do justice to my own case. There's this girl that I've known for years, we met in Dec 2010, but got hooked up in January 2011. I'm 26 while she's 20, we were from the same town, I based in Enugu schooling, final year to be precise, while she based in Imo state schooling 300 level.
The relationship no doubt was a long distance relationship, that's one challenge we've been battling in our relationship. Before we hooked up, she told me that she does not have any man in her life, until when I found out myself that she had more than one man in her life(promiscuity). When I confronted her, she was very remorseful, it was during that time that she confessed to me that she did abortion for one guy that schooled in the same school she was right now, I couldn't do anything but to forgive her. She promised to change for good. I wholeheartedly accepted her back, reason was that I loved her so much.
Just recently, some days ago, I came back from school relaxing on my bed, I picked up my phone and dialled her number, to my utmost amazement, a guy picked the call and boldly asked ''who's on the line''? I was like; were you the owner of the phone? I wanted to talk to the owner. He told me that the owner was not around, I now asked him his name, and he told me.
Madam could you believe that it was that the same guy that got her pregnant and aborted it was speaking to me on phone. My blood pressure and body temperature simultaneously changed at high rate, I was dumbfounded. I couldn't do anything but to hang the call. Please ma, I need your suggestion because I've not been myself since. I'm just living under the umbrella of psychological trauma. Please ma, I need your candid advice. Thanks and remain blessed.

I know that this is a difficult time for you. No matter how I may try to encourage you, you will still feel pained, and disappointed after all you have sacrificed and endured to be with her but one thing that you must never forget is that even through your pains and saddest moments of life God is working out the very best for your good.
You may be shedding tears and wailing in pains wondering why you had to go through the unpalatable experiences in the name of love but this could be God's grace for your destiny and future. This maybe God's way of opening your eyes to the realities of what you never knew, it could be God's way of saving you from an impending disaster in the future.
She lied to you, played with your emotions, pretended to be in love with you and then allowed you to invest your heart and resources to the relationship. You may feel that you lost your partner but I feel that God just rushed in to rescue you from a lady whose purpose is to destroy your beautiful heart and then make a mess of your future.
If you can let go of the relationship and stay off of relationship for now to help you heal from your pains.
Remember that your peace of mind is priceless and you shouldn't allow anything to steal your peace of mind in life. Return back to God and surrender your all to him, allow him to perfect that which concerns you and to strengthen your heart, spirit and soul. Lean on his promises and hold unto his words for your destiny.
He who gave you the privilege to meet this lady will bless you with the desires of your heart and the lady who will be a blessing to your life and destiny.
Please do not let this disrupt your heart from giving your best in your academics, but cheer up and invest in your future in such a manner that those who felt that you don't have anything to offer will wish to associate with you or identify with you.

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