Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Should I Accept other Men or Wait for a Pastor?

Good afternoon ma, may God bless you for all the good advice you have been giving people here on these page. Ma please I need your advice urgently. Ma am a lady of 26 years old and about six different pastors have prophesied to me that God said my husband will be a pastor and deep inside of me I don't like pastors not to talk of marrying them.
And now the problem is that no pastor has ever approached me for marriage or friendship, the people that are coming for marriage are non pastor but just normal business men. And now I don't know what to do whether to keep on waiting for a pastor that I have not seen yet or I should accept other men that want to marry me?

Prophesies are great no doubt but the Bible says that we should TEST all prophesies. You test every prophesy using the word of God. If such prophesy doesn't conform with the word of God for your life, kindly discard such prophesy and if the Holy spirit doesn't bear witness with your spirit that such a word was for your life, kindly discard the prophesy. It doesn't mean that the prophet has sinned, it could be that he was under 'emotional anointing' and it doesn't matter how many of them that said the same thing.
God cannot give you a prophesy without confirming it in your life and convincing you with his word. Also if the prophesy was for you, there's every possibility that the man you may finally get married to might turn into a pastor some time in his life but he maybe elsewhere working to make ends meet.
Some questions to ask yourself concerning the prophesy, have you discovered the purpose for which God has called you? If God's purpose for your life isn't to be a help meet to a minister or a pastor. If you are not emotionally mature to endure the persecutions, the rough times, the sacrifices and the challenges of supporting a pastor, there is no need holding onto the prophesy because it's simply not for you nor will it ever be in your favour.
Every individual have their spiritual capacity and vision in life and your duty is to discover your path and walk in it in obedience to God's word.
When you meet your husband, you will be convinced that he's the one for your life and not just the one that was prophesied for you.
You should draw closer to God and continue to pray for your marriage and your husband to avoid getting married to a man that he never ordained for your life.

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