Friday, March 4, 2016

Should My Religious Life be Controlled by Him?

Hi big aunty! Good day, I've been following your page for a while now and I appreciate your good work. Am V 23 years old and an undergraduate in one of the Nigeria university. I got in contact with a guy through a Facebook singles group. He showed love and concern towards me though we have not met.
We have always been in good terms but one of our big challenges is source of income, he said he's not coming for friendship but marriage, he's 32 but has no steady income, not educated but orally presentable. He is the church type (born again) that believes in Pentecostal churches while am a catholic by birth but sometimes visits pentecostal churches. The problem was that sometime in January, we were discussing on phone when he asked for my genotype and I came out plain that am 'SS' patient which now made him to preach and invited me to their church program "5 Nights of Glory" at my state cinema branch, which I was among the people whose genotype was turned to AA at the first test but later went for the second but the genotype went back the same that same week and he was aware of all this, (he was AA)but said am his wife and nothing will stop that.
But after this genotype incident, last week he changed, and when I asked he said he have noticed and have confirmed that he has a divine call to serve God, and that they said the woman he will marry have to be a devoted Christian that serve and preach the word of God every minute of the day, and for that to happen, that I should leave my church against my parent's wish and go to any pentecostal church so that God will heal me and that I should fast with him to know if his union intention is the will of God for us to be one.
He knows am not the over church type and that I obey my dad so much and my dad is not the church type too. My question is, does this guy have any right to control my religious life despite the fact that he's not married to me and that I've never met/seen him? Sorry for my long write ups, but I need your advice.

To start with, there is no relationship here because both of you are still playing hide and seek game without any atom of commitment and sincerity to the relationship.
Secondly he's hiding under "divine calling" to honourably avoid having anything to do with you perhaps because of your genotype.
Please do not stress yourself over him because even if you speak in tongues and worship right close to his house or his room, it won't change the fact that he's not emotionally available for a relationship with you.
He's putting up those attitude to hide what's obvious that he's not in love with you and he doesn't seem to want anything to do with someone who is not "perfect" for him hence his suggestion that you get healed and then pray for the clarification of his intentions.
As to whether he had the right, he doesn't and I feel that you should decide for yourself where your heart and soul prefers to worship God and serve him with your heart and not a place where daddy and mummy has chosen for you.

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