Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Could it be that She's Tired of Me?

Hello Aunty Amara... Please I need your help.. There is this girl that I really like, she also confessed to liking me. When I asked her out, she said she would need more time to sort out a few things, which I agreed.. But of recent, she has changed abruptly. She doesn't reply all my messages, even if she does, her answers will be a one end reply that I can't continue further...
She used to be the one to send me good morning messages, but now she has ceased.. She now uses those annoying short replies. Though she said she has a problem of recent, that she didn't want to tell me about... My question is, should I keep pursuing her? Or I should let her be, because she doesn't relate with the way she used to.. Could it be she is tired of me? Please I need your help..

It maybe that she's in a terrible relationship and she's trying to break free from him before she can fully be interested in you. It maybe that she's yet to be convinced of your intentions and purpose for desiring to date her, whether you are for her heart or her body.
It may also be that she's battling with some inner fears worries or family challenges which has made her change abruptly towards you. Though you didn't specify how long the relationship has been but I feel that you can give her more time and shower her with undiluted and selfless love irrespective of her reactions to you.
Ignore her attitude and focus more on winning her heart which is the most important, once you have won her heart, she will always desire to make you happy.
Be patient, be hopeful and give her some time to figure out what's going on in her mind and how you can help her find happiness and fulfilment in life.

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