Saturday, April 23, 2016

He Has a Nasty Attitude!

Hi aunty Amara ,please I need an advice. I really enjoy your updates and the way you help people. Am 25 years old, I started dating at 22. My first boyfriend left me two years ago after two years of dating to marry another after one month he called me to breakup with me. It was hard on me because I can't trace any problem from the relationship that will make him do that,he also said same thing, that I have no problem but he didn't know how it happened (he was 32 then).
After some months, I moved into another in order to get my mind off him. It worked anyway but with prayers. I have actually dated two guys in space of one year.
Recently I broke up with the last one because of his nasty attitude of not talking to me for days and week if we have issue as he calm, because the issue to me is irrelevant. If I try joking with him, or didn't call when am supposed he gets angry and he won't let me know until it is dawn on him to talk to me. I remember him telling me earlier that he has an unforgiving heart, his sibling are afraid of hurting him(last child). But he is a good guy. I took this decision after the last attitude of not picking my calls for close to one week and I was writing my final exam.
Please Aunty Amara am I wrong to make the decision? To be sincere I have not been in love after the first one.. I just want to concentrate and fall in love again for real.

Unforgiving spirit is one of the worst character to endure or manage in a relationship or in a marriage. It's simply because every individual have some weaknesses and inadequacies which makes us vulnerable to hurt the one we love. If a partner doesn't have the patience and the grace to ignore some of your shortcomings and such an individual cannot forgive and let go of your mistakes, there's every tendency that you will end up being depressed because of his malice and silence which is a worst approach to communicate with your partner.
In all sincerity, any individual with an unforgiving heart needs to seek the face of God and allow the Holy spirit to heal his or her heart and give him or her the grace to forgive and to tolerate the err in every humanity.
When you find traits in your partner that you cannot cope with, and you have given your best to help such an individual improve on them and he's not teachable and willing to make amends, please consider leaving him to avoid regrets much later in life.
Nobody has the capacity to change anyone else except God, so it's in your best interest to advice yourself and decide on what's best for you.
I will also suggest that you just don't venture into anything just because a man approached you and expressed himself but take your time and examine who he is, and your purpose for the relationship before giving your heart and time to him.
Let it be what you venture into out of deep convictions and not because of loneliness.

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