Friday, April 22, 2016

He Pushed me out of his Apartment!

Good morning aunty Amara, I am an ardent reader here. I have a problem. I visited my man yesterday and he collected my phone and started reading my messages knowing very well that I chat with people there but the truth is so many of them are inviting me to come to their places but I have never seen or slept with them. I met my man since last year and am proud to say that I have never slept with any other man except him. After reading my Facebook messages, he came to me and told me to leave his house the next morning, that it's over between us, that I shouldn't call him in my life again. I tried to make him understand that am only chatting with them for chatting sake, begged him all through the night but he threatened to throw me out. The next morning, he came to me and told me to start preparing, I started begging again but he wouldn't listen to me.. He pushed me out of his apartment and I left.
Having gotten to my house, I called him that I can change my phone number, I can give him my Facebook password, I can open a new Facebook account but he refused, he said I should let him be that I am a harlot, a liar. I met him since last year and ever since then, I have been visiting him, he has never given me money for my transportation fares or for my welfare, but the truth is that I have never complained before about him because he is not working for now.
Whenever I want to cook for him, I'll cook with my money, bought provisions and foodstuffs for him. Now, he does not want me again just because I am chatting with people who admired my curves and wanted us to see.. I am confused now.. I don't know what to do. Please aunty Amara, help me, thank you..

Chats are not ordinary, however for a man, who has been sleeping with you, enjoying your meal and have never given you anything to encourage you, to push you out of his house and at the same time label you a harlot, is an indication that he has no respect and value for your personality. 
What pains me more is that you sold yourself so cheap that you are willing to be his slave and allow him to manipulate you to his satisfaction before dumping you for another lady. 
Men like this one sincerely should not be close to any lady and I am still wondering what he told you that made you forget that you have a value without a man and you need a responsible man and not a hopeless man whose asset is his penis. 
Let's get this facts clear, he's done with you and he's been looking for an avenue to dump you. Your chat with men was a good excuse and he couldn't wait for a second to execute his plot. This man is irresponsible, have no vision for himself and was never committed to the relationship except for the free sex and food that he gained from you. 
You must dust this man off from your life with immediate effect and breath a fresh air for real. Please give yourself some dignity and value and stop proving your love for a man with your vagina. Stop all these idle chats with strangers who have no value to add in your life and destiny. 
Get busy and get yourself a job no matter how little you earn, thrash this man and don't look look back at him for any reason. That wasn't a relationship but you were busy chasing a man who was yearning for sex, please help yourself, I really wish I could do more from here but I just realised that you are the best person to help yourself.


  1. He pushed you out of his house because he has seen it all...
    That's what happens when you sip off the juice from a ball of orange..
    The rest is discarded..
    You were in love with him...
    He was never into you...
    When a man is in love with you...he wouldn't discard you just lyk dat...
    You fell too cheap...
    Let this be your lesson...
    But hey.....sister...
    I never expected you to tell us you were guilty in those messages...
    It's normal you'll play innocent...
    You only told us they invited you and were admiring your curves...
    But what was your response?
    You need to add some value and respect to yourself...
    Thank God you got out of this one unscatched...
    The next one might see you kicked out pregnant or even beaten up..
    Don't let infatuation becloud your sense of reasoning...
    You're are a woman and your body should be a temple of God..
    Think about it and retrace your steps..

  2. You've gotten a free counsell from Amara. She has said it all. In your next relationship try to delete any thing that can put your relationship in jeopardy.

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  4. What are you begging him for?to continue using you foodwise,sex wise and otherwise. Imagine, give your everything to a man that you are not even sure you have ny future with.
    You sold yourself too cheap to him.
    Just run,run and run as far as your legs can carry.someone who loves you better will locate you.

  5. Nne, honestly.
    He pushed you out because your tenure is over.
    He has a replacement already.


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