Monday, April 18, 2016

How Do I Pay Her Off?

Good day ma, I appreciate your good works and may God bless you. Ma, I have been in a relationship with a girl since 2012, she is all I wanted in woman just that she is short 5.2ft' and I am 5.4ft and she is insulting and I tried to end the relationship but she always begged me, even when she caught me with other girls she beg me to stay with her, she love me so much but I don't, she is beautiful.
In 2013, she gave me N340,000 for my visa because then I was struggling, so I travelled out and I stopped all communications with her and even blocked her on Facebook because she talked as though she owned me, like am her slave because she gave me money. I am back in Nigeria and I want to settle down and I am thinking of giving her back her money and move on, she is 25 years old and still single.. I don't know what to do because she still hope I will marry her. I need advice ma thanks.

Since you don't love her, why not let her know the truth and move on. Just remember that karma rewards everyone for their actions. You won't tell me that she was terrible and still she sacrificed her all to help you, so no amount of money you give to her will be enough to pay her off and "dump" her for another lady. 
Why keep her waiting for you, why allow her to invest in your future since you never loved her, how could you say that she's all you've got and still say that her height wasn't good enough? 
Sometimes some individuals make their own lives and future miserable by starting what they can't finish. You can easily pay her off and settle down but have this at the back of your mind that you need her forgiveness for you to enjoy your marriage. 
I wish you all the best but please stop delaying the inevitable and let her know that you are no longer interested in continuing with the relationship. 


  1. It is absolutely unfair & heartbreaking. So, you loved & cherish her when you were struggling but she have helped you succeed and you forgot all that. Had it been you didn't succeed there, I believe you would have come back for the her. Fear God!

  2. When people who were struggling financially before make some money and act like money can pay 4 everything, I find it so appaling. They just equate everything to money. If u are to pay her back in naira, how will u calculate the money if it were an investment. Call her n arrange a meeting, speak with her and genuinely seek her forgiveness, cos if she doesn't forgive u!! Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Turn to God in repentance too, that is the only way her curses won't be effective after restitution. Just pray u don't get served in ur own cup by the woman u hope to settle with

  3. I will suggest that you let go of the physical appearance(s) and focus on her need hence she helped you get to your need then (which is to be successful), who gave you the future you think you have now. What she did is just a realtime investment and you just wake one day and tell her you want to pay her off. What about time wasted? Sorry to say this, you never loved her, you only wanted to use her and get to your end. If you really say that she's all that you have got, then return to her and get married to her soul and not her appearance(s) and also open up your mind on the characters which she exhibits that you don't like. Make her understand that she is a woman and you a man. If that gurl cry for you, your story will never end well. To cap it it all, everything may end up at the table of dialogue but put yourself in her shoes, if you were to be her that wanted to do this to you, how will you feel? Thanks.

  4. u need to add interest to that money. Karma will definitely catch up with u.

  5. Thanks Mrs Amara for the response you gave him. The problem with so many of us is the fact that we don't fear God. You think you're smart? Even with your write up its obvious you're looking for an escape root. But try it and see hell on earth. Nobody bits a finger that fed him/her and ends well. Be wise

  6. From ur write up, it shows you never loved this lady but set out to deceive us with the "she is all I wanted in a woman" bullshit.
    You know she wasn't they height you wanted, she was insulting and rude but you still collected her money and travelled, now you've become better financially, it is now you can open ur mouth to say you want to pay her off.

    Anyway, my little two cents would be for you to open up to her and be sincere to here, that you're no longer interested in her and the relationship instead of dragging her along blindly.

  7. U re selfish man. Who u eep?


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