Sunday, April 17, 2016

My Parents and Siblings are Against my Choice of Partner!

Good day Amara, I really appreciate your good works and advice you give out to relationship. I really need your advice and that of your reader as well. I am in a relationship for almost three years now and my boyfriend is very nice, caring, and loving. Last year he asked me to marry him by engaging me and which I said yes to because I wanted to, and my parents and siblings likes him too because of his humble and nice nature.
The problem now is my parents really wants me to get married to an Igbo man from Anambra to be precise all because my all four of my siblings didn't get married to Igbo or Anambra man and the painful part is none of my siblings are supporting me because they want me to focus on my career which am doing already and they think am still young to be talking about marriage, to think am 27 years old.
My challenge now is should I tell my fiancée about what my parents are saying or I just let it be, because am really very hurt and the whole situation is making me not sleep or think right. Please aunt amara can you advice me what to do and how to go about it . Thanks and God bless

At your age, you shouldn't allow anyone else to decide your future and your happiness in life. You shouldn't think as though you are really confused and not convinced about what you need and desire in a partner that you hope to spend the rest of your life with. 
Always remember that none of your family, friends, relatives, pastors, prophets and enemies will live with your husband except you and you alone, so the only individual who should decide who to marry where he should come from, what matters most to her and when to settle down is you and you alone. 
I don't understand why anyone should desire to push you around with some irrelevant and hopeless excuses and the more terrible one is that you are already dancing to their tunes and want to destroy your own relationship with the opinions and the views of your family. 
Please do not permit anyone else to ruin your happiness and home in the name of being nice with their advice. Since you never told anyone where to marry from, who to marry and when to marry, please do not permit anyone to subject you into perpetual frustrations and agony. 
Do not tell your fiancée anything that might make him have a negative perception of your family and your parents in particular. Simply let your family know your convictions and your decision concerning who you wish to settle down with and encourage them to pray for your marriage and not give you irrelevant opinions.

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