Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Holy spirit Led me to Her!

Good day ma, I really thank God for blessing you with great wisdom. Ma, few years ago I met a girl in my church through the leading of the Holy spirit. I clearly heard a voice, I was in the church the Holy spirit spoke to me this is your wife, behold I went to meet the girl that God said you are my wife, she immediately replied me that you are not my class and she is not asking God to give her man of my type. I got biggest disgrace of my life, because no woman has ever spoken to me in that way before.
I left her alone because age wise I am senior to her, she is 28 years while I am 42 years and I left higher institution before she even got admission to university. The is this, I have a calling and I have been following the leading of the Holy spirit. Of recent, I was praying asking God to connect me to a life partner, the Lord still mentioned the same girl that she is my future wife. Ma what do I do to a girl that opened her mouth to tell me I am not her class. I have forgotten about her but the Lord is still leading me to her. Thank you, hope to hear from you.

If God is in the project, it's already a success irrespective of the challenges or the obstacles that you may encounter in your journey. I may not have an idea how you approached her but man of God, it's entirely wrong to approach a lady and tell her that God revealed her to you as your wife. 
It's intimidating, it's offensive and it is also inappropriate, not because you are not convinced but because the manner in which you convey your convictions to her matters so so much. 
It's better to start by being her friend, taking her out on a date, establishing some basic facts about her personality before relaying your convictions to her. Even when you have done that, you must also encourage her to pray and seek the face of God to confirm if God lead you to her or your emotions lead you to her beauty. 
When God convinces you of a particular lady, he will also convince the lady of you being her husband, it's a two way communication and not a one man discussion.
So change your approach and approach her for friendship, let it be a project that you will likely spend two to three months to accomplish. Forgive her of what she said in the past, let her know that you are not there to intimidate her or make her feel spiritually uncomfortable with your personality. 
Find out who she is, her relationship status, her passion and her vision in life, get interested in her personality, suggest a date, a hangout in an environment where both of you will be free to share your thoughts and feelings. 
Compliment her beauty and tell her how lovely she is (it's actually not a sin.. Lol), then tell her "I love you" let her know that you are a human being being lead by the Holy spirit and not the Holy spirit being lead by a human being. 
Try to be a little flexible and tolerating, I know that you may not like to be stressed by her but that's part of the baggage of women. 
Call, send messages, some gifts and show concern to her personality, while you seek the face of God concerning this hopeful that God will reveal to her who her husband is. Don't pressurise her or rush her into giving you an answer, but like you already know that one of the virtues of love is patience, be patient and if after one or two months time she's not forthcoming, then we may need to re-strategize and consider talking to her using someone that she respects and someone that she's willing to open up to and express her thoughts. 
Like I said earlier, if God has revealed her to you as your wife, there is no need to panic but allow God to perfect his promise in your ministry.

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  1. Na you know Wetin speak to you. Perhaps you shd go back to the holy spirit to tell u what to do. Holy spirit no dey give person wife. Find for yourself (prov. 18:22). Wen you come in a churchous manner, babes don like it even if you be general overseer.


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