Saturday, May 28, 2016

He Gnashes his Teeth when Sleeping!

Dear Aunt Amara, please accept my condolence on your loss. I am a young lady who will be celebrating her 26th birthday later this year. I am in love with a 32 year old guy I met through my aunt last September. We officially started dating January of this year. He is working and doing quite well for himself. He is in fact quite different from the past relationships I have had. Although we reside in different states, I visit him as often as I can but he respects me and abides by the 'no sex' rule till marriage. He takes good care of me.
At the moment, I have two challenges that really need to be sorted out. The first one is that a couple of weeks after we met each other, he confessed to me that he knew my immediate younger sister. He even once asked her out but she declined. At the moment, they are just friends. My sister confirmed all these and gave me her blessings. I trust both but I don't know if it will be wise to still go ahead.
Secondly, he gnashes his teeth while sleeping. I have surfed the internet and done a lot of reading on it but there seems not to be any permanent remedy. This teeth gnashing can be quite loud and sustained. It's embarrassing and I am really worried. The relationship is getting serious and is about involving both families; so I am in real need of your usually sound suggestions and advice. Thank you so much. God bless.

Well since there was no relationship between him and your sister, it's still safe to continue with the relationship as long as he's in love with you and he's committed to the relationship.
As for the gnashing of his teeth while sleeping, it might be a habit that will take some time for him to overcome if you have a heart to heart discussion with him and then help him to understand how it affects you personally.
Perhaps when you wake him up consistently whenever you notice that he's gnashing his teeth will go a long way to help him reduce the prevalence at which he repeats it.
It's not what you can fix by simply telling him to stop gnashing his teeth but with time, patience, understanding and support, he will overcome the habit.

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  1. My dear, there are certain things you just have to deal with. He may not be able to overcome it, u'll get used to it. My kids gnash their teeth, at a point, I had to start putting my finger btw their teeth when they sleep. I also tried making sure they chew gum to bed, just to leave space btw their teeth


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