Monday, July 4, 2016

Am I Deceiving Myself with Him?

Good evening ma'am. I am a 23 years old girl in a relationship with a 25 years old guy, we met since 2013 in school. His background though isn't fit for girls of now a days, but I was willing to bear it.
Just this year he had a job and has started misbehaving, he is a kind of jealous guy that doesn't want you to talk to any other guy except him. But of recent, he started receiving calls from a colleague of his whom he claimed wants to have sex with him. Am also jealous I won't lie. I know I have passed through a lot and bear what I know girls of my age won't like to bear.
My problem now is, every conversation we have now must end in a fight, I can't trust his words again and can't trust his actions. I see everything to be fake and I am trying to end the relationship but I can't cos I love him. Please as a mother advice me, am I deceiving myself cos he keeps saying woman might flock around him but it's me he loves. Am I in the right place or should I start packing my things? Please advice me. Thank you.

So why don't you trust him anymore? Is he currently cheating on you or choking you with suspicion? Why the war in your relationship or is he no longer comfortable with your personality?
Am a bit confused about what you meant by misbehaving and fighting with your partner. Maybe you should explain further to help me understand you better and suggest what I feel maybe helpful for you.
Why is everything fake to you and why do you suddenly feel like terminating your relationship after all the sacrifices and investments?
In every relationship there must be a little dose of jealousy to allow for protection and trust but where it's in excess, it may endanger your relationship and destroy everything that the relationship stands for.
I feel that both of you needs to sit down and talk about your relationship, he needs to help you trust him and appreciate him and not make you feel like you're in a competition with him or something of that sort.
If he's cool with talking to me, perhaps you may encourage him to write to me so that I can hear from him and understand the sudden change in his attitude towards you.
When you are in a relationship and cannot make friends, it's not really healthy for you and sooner or later you may end up struggling to keep up with such commandment.
So both of you needs some measure of respect and trust for each other so that you don't feel choked in the name of relationship.

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