Wednesday, July 13, 2016

I Never Had Joy with Him.

Good evening Aunty, please am kind of confused. Married on 31st December 2014, my hubby relocated so I had to stay in my parent's house during my pregnancy so that he can build up financially. Six months we wedded, my hubby started having an affair with a lady of 42 years that lives in the same compound who used charm on me.
His character changed, he beats me severally so I had to travel to Anambra for counselling and it was revealed of what he was doing. Even, the lady goes to my house to cook which I saw so many evidence but he denied. So I decided to leave him to return to my parents who promised to take me into nursing school for a second degree which I've passed the exams.
When he calls, is one abuse or another, telling me I hate you and go to hell. This is a guy of 40 years and does things secretly. He do what his people tells him and which I can swear that it was not right. In fact, the elder sister want to destroy him but he is too blind to see.
I never had joy with him after the wedding till now despite the fact that I have given him a baby boy and am so confused. Don't know what to do, can you help me ma. Thanks and God bless.

If giving a man male children was the criteria for marriages to prosper, truly I won't be here giving counsel because there are millions of male children that God has blessed many homes with but challenges of infidelity, abuse and third party influence abound.
Good thing is that you have returned back to your parents, the next thing will be for your family and his family to meet and discuss your marriage and then decide the fate or the future of your marriage.
When two adults cannot manage their differences and agree to build their home, then there will be need for the elders to intervene.
If after due deliberations and discussions, your husband feel that he cannot continue with the marriage, then both of you can agree to dissolve the marriage and cater for your children.
You cannot remain married to an abusive partner and hope that things will change, instead you need to save your head and then work on rebuilding the broken walls in your marriage so that it will be safe and secure for both of you.

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