Sunday, July 24, 2016

Is Getting a Sex Toy Sinful?

Good morning ma, please I want you to help me post this. I want to know people's opinion about a married woman getting a sex toy because her husband doesn't see sex as a necessity.
The only choice I have now is to help myself because I can't cheat. I am helpless and confused and again concerned if it's a sin. You may wish to read her previous mail I Feel Stressed, Unhappy and Depressed.

Sex is a need of every humanity who desires marriage and desires to enjoy the beauty of companionship and a healthy communication with each other. In a marriage where sex is dead, I personally feel that the marriage is virtually dead especially when the reason is as a result of infidelity, wickedness and the selfishness of a partner who feels that he or she can decide who to have sex with or when to have sex. 
Secondly, sex toys shouldn't be a replacement for a dead marriage, especially in a scenario where you know that your husband can meet your sexual needs. Again, no matter how much fulfilment you may get from sex toys, it won't solve the problems in your marriage. So do you really need a sex toy or his gentle touch? 
In a situation where you feel that nothing else can restore the true essence of marriage and sexual intimacy in marriage, and you feel that nothing else can be done to rescue your home, sex toys will be helpful, perhaps to hide your pains from the public and avoid been a victim of your own needs. 
Instead of cheating on your covenant, instead of dying in your own emotional needs, instead of living a life that is at best horrible and wearing a ring as a married woman, maybe you should consider separation. 
But if you feel that sex toys will help you remain committed to your marriage, please don't hesitate to get sex toys and satisfy your sexual need, however I doubt if sex toys will give you the peace, the freedom and the fulfilment that comes with enjoying the penis of your very own husband.
Since the toy will help you not to cheat and also make the world cheer you as a married woman, I don't think that you should be worried about whether it's a sin or not.


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  2. Does it mean masturbation is okay also for men that married and maybe for distance reasons not with their wives and instead of sleeping around with other ladies and decide to masturbate, will that be okay too? is that a sin? Please elaborate


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