Wednesday, July 27, 2016

She Loves Sex So Much and Doesn't get Tired.

Good evening ma, please I need your advice on this, as I can't talk to anyone but you. Ma I just got married, she is a very nice girl, the only problem I have with her is that she loves sex so much, she doesn't get tired.
We're newly married, but this is really bothering me, believe me ma, am not weak, even if I do it for one hour she will never get tired, she always want more, she want it like ten times in a day. We can't even sit and talk without her trying to kiss me or touch me, and because of that I don't have much feelings having sex with her, she makes me feel like am not doing enough.
Ma she loves sex a lot, please what can I do? I do love her, but I don't want her to cheat on me because of this, thank you.

I think that you should consider yourself blessed amongst men because some men are praying for your kind of wife.. Lol (men, hope I spoke your mind) 
Well you don't need to panic or get worried about her hyper libido, it comes with the joy and excitement of getting married to your best friend and companion. Her attitude only reflects how much she desires to be with you, how much she loves to satisfy you sexually and how much she wishes to give the best of her body to you. 
Now here are the tricks you need to save more energy and satisfy her sexual needs. You need to master the non penetrative ways of giving her great sexual pleasure and making her reach her sexual peak during foreplay. 
Get your fingers trimmed and cleaned, get a massaging lotion or oil, massage her as though you're massaging a new born baby, suckle her nipples with pleasure and joy, lick her belly button, kiss her lips with passion and appreciation, kiss her ears, whisper words of love and care as you do all these. 
Get down to her honeypot vagina, circle round her vagina gradually and watch her moan with pleasure, with your tongue lick her clitoris and don't apply so much pressure on her clitoris because it's very very sensitive. Be gentle on her and observe how she responds to your touch and feel. 
With your two fingers, the longest of your two fingers, slowly and gently insert them inside her vagina and try rubbing the roof top of her vagina gently and slowly as usual. With your two fingers inside her vagina, make a signal of 'come here' with the fingers, by so doing you're pleasuring her g-spot and I am hopeful that she will get to the peak of her sexual fantasy and at the same time get tired too.. Lol 
After spending quality time with these sexual arts, you may only spend give minutes with penetrative sex and she will experience multiple orgasm and then rest with you by her side. 
There are sexual positions that will get her satisfied faster and also make you work less than you're doing currently. Doggy style position (in this position, she will kneel with her arms on the floor and you will enter from her back side), this gives you the advantage of pleasuring the g-spot and the clitoris at the same time. 
Improved missionary position(in this position, she will lie on her front with two pillows under her abdomen) giving her buttocks some elevation and also giving you the advantage of pleasuring her g-spot and her clitoris at the same time. Also you can another improved missionary position where she lies on her back and then place one pillow under her buttocks so that you can have a deeper penetration and also stimulate her g-spot and clitoris at the same time. 
This position will give you greater advantage and also make you work less while she does most of the working and the pumping, it's called the reverse cow girl position. In this position, you will be the one to lie on your back while she enters either facing you or displaying her buttocks to you. In this position, she's the one who knows where the thing is itching her and the best way to scratch it, and she's the one to determine the pace, the depth and the intensity of thrusting. 
Try not to see sex as thrusting and thrusting and thrusting, sometimes what some ladies needs is the connection, the eye contact, the body contact, the pheromones, the way and manner you grab her breast, and the way your eyes and hands roam round her body. 
Work on your foreplay and communicate with her during sex so that you don't over-labour yourself during sex and both of you will enjoy sex with pleasure and excitement.
You may also encourage her to write to me so that I can give her some tips on how she can give you quality sex without putting you under pressure or making it feel as though you're doing nothing. You need some blow jobs, some massaging too and you need some tender loving from her and good good food too. 
So encourage her to write to me and please appreciate what God has blessed you with. I won't say more than that..


  1. God bless you Aunty Amara for this.... Nice Advice

  2. Am Getting the gist and the flow

  3. Amara, you nailed it. The man has the best gift of life, a gift every man is praying for. With your advice amara, they will get better.

  4. I wish i could just have that type of lady,can i find one in this nation?

  5. I think that this it what we called selfishness do you want to kill yourself by that evil spirit why can't you take her to church or better still you can take her back to her parents before she will finish you.

    1. Shuuu? Evil spirit kwa? So if your sister happens to be a nymph like this lady, you will ask her husband to bring her back to your house abi. Your level of spirituality no be here oh.

  6. This is kwarapsion, strictly for married folks... Fire down guys... Don't give her a breathing space, she asked for it. So give it to her triple.

  7. Aunty Amara,you have indeed spoken our(men's) mind. God bless you wella.
    @Poster: Penile stimulation,plus Manual stimulation,plus Oral stimulation,and even Verbal stimulation,etc. - that is the way to go. Do you know how long she has waited for this moment?
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