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Categories of Ladies You Shouldn't Marry.

It is a difficult task to find a good wife, a lady who has virtues that every man desires to prosper.
The society is also not helping men in discerning what they truly need from what is presented to them. Some feel that getting married to the most beautiful lady is what guarantees a happy marriage, but some end up miserable.
Some men have been crushed and brutalised by the woman in their life and this has pushed them into concluding that all ladies are the same, liars, gold diggers, selfish, stingy, and inconsiderate individuals. 

The truth is that there are great women who have the grace and capacity to support a man to greatness and help him discover his strength and potential and I am hopeful that God will open your eyes as you trust him for your own life partner. 
In this article, I will be sharing some categories of ladies you shouldn't date or marry, not necessarily because they're not beautiful enough but because you may end up losing your mind and living in pain the rest of your life. 

Don't Date/Marry a Lady Who does not Have a Personal relationship with God. 
The real beauty of a lady is not in her make-up or in her shape, it's not in her academic qualifications or in her life achievements, rather the true beauty of a lady is in her character and her personal relationship with God. A lady who yearns to please God with every aspect of her life will not find it difficult to submit to her husband or support him to greatness. The reason is not far fetched, it's because every aspect of her life is under God's control and her husband will definitely enjoy the wife of his youth. This said, make sure you make yourself worth submitting to.       
Don't Date/Marry an Emotionally Unstable Lady. 
There are some ladies who appear ripe for relationship but hmmm, a moment with them will definitely make you shudder. They are always bitter, complaining about one thing or another, worried about everything, temperamental, and finds it difficult to communicate with you. Although she has separated from her ex, she is  yet to move on with her life and as such even if a man offers his world, her heart is always glued to her ex. Such ladies will only make you suffer in pain and at the same time waste your time and emotions. 

Don't Marry a Lady who Does Not have any Conviction of Her Own. 
There are some ladies who depend on pastors, prophets, prayer contractors, friends, family, enemies, just name it. They can't tell exactly what they need, they can't even pray on their own but will involve everyone in making a decision. Why should you be worried about such ladies? It's because they are vulnerable, will fall for anything, and can easily be deceived. You need a lady who has understanding and maturity to enjoy your marriage.

Don't Date/Marry a Needy Lady. 
From the very first day you expressed your intentions to date her, she's either demanding one thing or another. She's either lacking one thing or longing for another. She doesn't even care if you're alive  or not. She won't work with you . As long as you can provide all she needs, you are her Prince Charming but when you cannot provide all she wants , you will become her Prince Annoying, if you don't have enough to share with her, you will become her Prince  Boring., and if unfortunately you are still building up, your story is dead on arrival . Now; don't use this as an excuse for laziness. As a man, you are called to provide for and protect your wife.  
  Don't Date/Marry a Desperate Lady. 
There are some ladies that won't allow you  to open your mouth and they will respond with, when are we getting married? Some will indirectly tell you how her friends married at 21 and she's 29 and don't want this year to pass her bye. She doesn't care about your vision, your struggles and your difficulties, all she cares about is having a ring on her fingers and joining the bandwagon of the married bae in town. Please thread with caution and be wise.     
Don't Date/Marry a 'Business' Lady. 
This is a lady who is so much in love with you but she has some aristos, sugar daddies who support  her financially and provides all that the needs. According to her, she's only doing that to help herself and will stop once she's married. Only God can tell if she will ever stop. 

Don't Date/Marry a Chronic Liar.   
I understand that society is hard on ladies but that's not enough reason for any lady to deceive a man in the name of love. If you're dealing with a liar, truth is buried and there is no way both of you can trust each other in future. 

Don't Date/Marry a Lady who doesn't Respect /Appreciate /Value your Personality. 
All ladies are beautiful, please do not allow beauty to deceive you into dating a lady who does not respect your personality, appreciate you for who you are, and support you in all your endeavours. You will definitely end up with regrets and pain if you decide to keep her because of her beauty. If he doesn't care about your growth, your success, your vision, and your passion in life, she won't care about them after wedding, so beware. 

Don't Date/Marry a Lady who Doesn't Understand your Vision and Purpose in Life. 
This is one of the reasons why you shouldn't rush into getting married to a lady. I understand that you can't wait to have a feel of her body and as a result you want to do everything possible to get married to her. 
There are many suitors who wish to marry her, but young man if you're trusting God for your own wife, your helpmeet and your own companion, then you need to slow down and make sure that you are getting married to your own partner and blessing.   
Don't marry a lady who doesn't understand your vision and your purpose in life. The problem with getting married to any lady is that she may end up struggling to fit into your vision and instead of prospering in your vision, you may end up working hard to help her understand you. You must also try to understand her own vision and help her have a fulfilled life. When two people with realistic goals meet, only heaven can stop them from attaining greatness. Walk as one with her, cherish her, make your vision plain to her and you will soar together.     
Don't Date/Marry a Devourer. 
I guess you're laughing already. Yes there are some ladies who are devourers, they will never save a penny or encourage you to make any investment. She will always have something to buy, something to eat, something to enjoy and something to show off to impress others. 
Her job is not to do anything to support you but to make sure that she enjoys the best in your pocket. She seeks to transfer your wealth to her father's house. She uses your money to compete with unfriendly friends.
Once you have exhausted your resources, of course she will leave you for another man. 

In all, always remember that you owe yourself the duty to seek  the kind of lady that you are comfortable with, and the lady who loves you so much that she's willing to grow with you in every aspect of your life. 
The beauty of a lady is not skin deep, but her attitude and personality is what makes her who she is, and determines how much you will enjoy her personality. 
So don't be deceived by what you see, her breast will, someday, no longer be your breaking news, and her buttocks may no longer move the you in you, her sexual prowess will mean nothing when the Jezebel in her manifests. How long both of you will enjoy your marital journey depends greatly on the values and virtues that brought both of you together. 

I know you desire a beautiful, brainy, and an attractive lady as your wife, I am sincerely praying that God will bless you with your heart's desire, but I pray more that God will give you a wife who will bring out the very best in you and give you many reasons to desire to marry her over and over and over and over again. 
Always remember that it's your choice and your decision, and I'm hopeful that you won't make mistakes. 

Oops I forgot to add, don't date a lady who is not good in bed.. Lol, yes I caught you there, but the truth is every lady who genuinely loves you will definitely learn how to satisfy your sexual needs with little or no struggles. You keep learning each other with each passing day of your marriage and I know you will both be sexually satisfied. So don't let that be your priority but focus on getting married to a lady who will make you wholesome and handsome and I can assure you that your bed will definitely be 'bedsome'(pardon my vocabulary). 

Now that you know, please save other men from making a lifetime mistake by sharing this article with your friends.

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