Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Three Ladies are Pregnant for Me.

I have three of my female friends pregnant for me, two ex and my current girlfriend.
What should I do?
One of my ex told me about her five months pregnancy last month,
while the other just informed me last week of a seven and half months pregnancy.
I am looking up to getting married to my current girlfriend who is just a month pregnant before all these were made known to me.
I am in a deep shit, I just need someone to tell me what I should do. Is it getting all married or dumping all of them with their secret pregnancy or just run away????

Before any lady will inform you of her pregnancy, it's either that you're her gynaecologist or her sexual partner or perhaps her family member. In your case, they informed you because you must have had some intimate moments with them when romance was sweetest. 
Now that God has rewarded your labour of love, you don't need to run away from your responsibilities but you need brace up to the challenge and manage them with wisdom and maturity. 
The first thing to do is cancel any marriage plans for now and focus on providing the support that these ladies need to help them put to bed safely, and without any complications. 
When they have put to bed, you will then need to run a paternity test, just to be sure that you are the one who is responsible for their pregnancies (especially for your ex girlfriends). I have no idea why your ex girlfriends never told you of their pregnancies until five months and seven months later, well they're in the best position to tell what happened. 
On your part, when they've all put to bed and you're convinced that they're all your children, then you will need to provide child support to all your children, and be there for them. 
For the fact that a lady is pregnant for you, doesn't mean that you must get married to her, and for the fact that you have a child with a lady doesn't mean that you must be her husband.
So separate taking care of your children from choosing who to marry because they're both not the same. But endeavour to inform whoever you wish to marry that you are a father of all nations, and that God has been gracious to you. 
It may be overwhelming in the beginning but with patience, determination and wisdom, you will definitely soar beyond your worries and concerns. 


  1. Hahahahahahahah. Father of all nations indeed! Ife onye choo ka ofu!

  2. lmao @ the conclusion of Amara's comment. hilarious! but on a serious note, every word she said is law though. good luck

  3. Laughing so hard @ "God has rewarded his labour of love. Nice advise.

  4. Just laughing. Father of all nations

  5. Lol...I haven't laughed this hard in a long time....sounds like a movie though

  6. Lol...I haven't laughed this hard in a long time....sounds like a movie though

  7. Lol...I haven't laughed this hard in a long time....sounds like a movie though

  8. Papa Nkechi clap for urself, well done sharp shooter, father of all nations dalu. just work hard and take care of them, 2baba second in the building.

  9. I like good news, bro your really good, your really multiplying Yege Yege. You can't runaway you have to marry all, why didn't you seek for our advice when pounding without Condom. Your as Clueless as APC Govt

  10. you have been blessed beyond boundries...wake up to your responsibilities and be a man!!!


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