Saturday, September 17, 2016

He Said That I'm Impatient.

Good morning ma, you are an icon, your page has become my hobby. Please I want you to judge me if the way I treat men is right.
I met this guy at my work place, he approached me but I never showed interest in him. He kept coming till I gave him my number, he told me he wants to marry me which I agreed, he is 38 while am 22.

I am a salesgirl and also training myself in school, my dad and mum can't even feed themselves let alone feeding us, so I feed myself and solve all my problems alone. When I was sick, I told him and he promised to buy drugs for me, but he never did. I explained my financial status to him and that I need him to help me.
During my matriculation, I invited him but he didn't come, I begged him help complete my matriculation fee, and he promised to pay it but he didn't. When it was time to pay my school fees I begged him just N2000, and he promised he would give me but to no avail. In fact everything I asked from him, he will promise and will not do it.
Lastly he stopped calling me and doesn't pick my cals. He calls every two or three days and will not allow me speak, the whole thing made me feel bad and I told him that am no more interested in the relationship. He  asked me why and I told him he does not love me and he said am too impatient. I later begged him and he accepted but since that day he never called again. This relationship lasted for three months. This is the guy I told you about was once a cult capon, but he told me he has changed. Please ma, where did I go wrong?

You are sincerely not in a relationship but you're being used and tolerated by him. Granted that you have so much financial baggage that can scare some men away, but the truth is that if he really loves you and desires to see the best of you, he will at least encourage you and support you in his own little way.
His attitude towards you doesn't show any form of appreciation, respect or selfless devotion to you, and I will suggest that you move on with your life.
If your partner cannot identify with you in your time of need, then there's no need or purpose for the relationship.

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