Tuesday, September 27, 2016

My Tummy is Big and Sagged.

Good morning ma! I do hope you get my message and reply fast. I'm just down, i have lost my self confidence, and my body confidence. I just gave birth to my second baby via a Cesarean Section
and my tummy is just nothing to write home about. I can't even open it were someone else is, not even my husband.
It looks like that of an old woman while I'm just 23 years. Not only is it big but the sides and down have sagged. In fact, I'm having post natal depression. When I see people that senior me with nice tummy after birth, I can't help but wonder what I did to God. I'm really devastated! Please help me!

The beauty of womanhood is not in the sexy body, not in the firm breast, not in the flat tummy, not in the tight vagina, not in the slim body but in the divine privilege to nurture a human being from scratch to greatness. 
Woman is God's most priceless vessel to sustain humanity. 
Most times the body of a woman gets deformed, and all the elegance that made men run after her fades away, but the greatest consolation is that your body produced another human being that will live to the fullness of God's glory. 
I understand how you feel and every mother can testify to the fact that there were times when they felt pretty cold and worried about the body changes in the journey to motherhood. 
You don't need to lose hope or confidence in your body, your body will still regain it's shape with time. 
It is not because you had your baby through Cesarean Section that made your body to change, rather it's because of the weight gained during pregnancy that has affected your tummy. 
With good body exercise and a healthy diet, your body will return to normal. There are many women who had their babies through Cesarean Section and they were able to burn off the fat and shed some pounds from their body. 
You don't need to feel uncomfortable with your tummy, especially not to your own husband who I believe is mature enough to understand that you have gone through so much to bring forth heirs to his family.
You can encourage your husband to rub his hands on your tummy and make you feel loved and accepted by him. Don't be shy and worried about your size today, you will definitely shed off when your baby grows. 
Stop comparing your body with that of other mothers, our bodies differ from each other and they react differently to pregnancy and hormonal changes. 
Accept your body and be grateful that God made you a proud mother of two lovely angels. There are some women that won't mind having worse bodies if only they can have their own children and watch their babies grow. 
God has blessed you with fruits of the womb and I believe that he deserves your gratitude for making you a mother. 
Cheer up, look forward to motherhood with gladness, and exercise your body regularly in addition to hot water massage.
You will definitely return to your sleek and elegant shape.

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