Tuesday, October 4, 2016

My Husband Likes Beating His Son For No Cause.

Hello ma, God bless you and your household.  Please ma, my husband likes beating our son for no cause. If he is not eating well, he will beat him, during homework he will beat him. And my son is afraid anytime my hubby is around.

I have pleaded with him, shout, still no change. He said he wants to groom him to be a man. And my son is just 6 years old. Am scared cause my boy is becoming uncomfortable and opposite of himself. Please how do I handle this.

What you described in your mail is quite disturbing and painful and I hope that you will encourage your husband to read this and make amends. 
There is no perfect rules for parenting and I also know that parenting is the one of the toughest experience in marriage. 
I understand his vision to raise a child who will stand out and succeed in life but he's using a very crude and wrong approach which actually has the tendency to turn his son to the opposite of his intentions. 
It's extremely unfair to groom a man when he's still a child, he's only destroying the divine and the natural course of human development and life transformation. 
Beating him will only infuse fear, low self esteem, depression and anxiety into his system. He will actually do all that his father instructs but with the wrong perception and foundation.
The first thing I feel that he owes his son now is to inculcate the right values of obedience, openness, honesty, sincerity and the freedom to be a child. He needs to be guided, corrected and supported but not with excessive beating but with patience, wisdom and tolerance. 
A child of six years is already developing a mindset of his own and needs the presence of his loving father closer so that he can discern what is going on in his mind, life and then help him to understand some of the complexities that he's struggling with. 
Please discourage him from excessive beating with no purpose to avoid poisoning his heart against his father. He should give him some freedom, and win his friendship, that way he can make more impact in his life instead of hardening his heart and scaring him away. 
I haven't said that he shouldn't correct his child by disciplining him when he does something extremely wrong but to beat him for not eating well, and beat him for not understanding is what I feel is extremely harsh for the emotions and psychology of the child. 
He needs to be a great child before he can become a great man. Please he shouldn't exert so much pressure on his son to avoid destroying his life with his own hands.

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  1. He is destroying his son if he doesn't know,beating doesn't sequel to training Infant it's the opposite,and if he continue like this his son will resent him and he will hate himself for the rest of his life for that path he's treading,plz don't allow this too bcuz u will be judge at the end


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