Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Prophet is Frustrating My Relationship.

Aunty Amara please help me... My heart is full of pain as am writing to you now... 
I met this guy in 2010 when I was 20 years old and we started dating... He had no job then and I was there with him because of the love I have for him, I managed and shared all I have with him. He is caring and understandable. He decided to travel aboard in 2014 saying that Nigeria is not favouring him.. I supported him and he travelled. He stayed abroad for two years and returned back to Nigeria.. 

Before he travelled, he promised to settle down with me if God blessed him... While he was there I kept praying to God to remember him.. He called every minute to know my position.. I don't go out with girlfriends because of him in order not to get him angry because he doesn't like girlfriends stuff..  I don't cheat on him even when he was in Nigeria.... 
Now my guy is in Nigeria, he told his parents about me and how he is planning to get married to me.. The parents started fighting him, that he must not get married to me because am not an Igbo. He should look for Igbo lady and get married to.. After much pleading with them they later accepted and we were both happy.. The parents and sister knew about our relationship before he travelled .. After two weeks, an aunty of my guy called from village that there was a prophecy for him from a woman of God, that he has to come home and see the woman of God.. I told him to go since the prophecy concerns life..  
He went, then the prophet said he has to come with his parents, that they has to do fasting and prayer and some others stuff.... So he and his parents travelled to the village.. They both spent one week in the village.. But when they came back the whole stories changed.. According to my guy; his mother told him to tell the prophet about me.. That the prophet should pray if am his wife or not.. The prophet is their family friend... 
Then early morning the prophet came to the house and started telling his mother, dad and aunty and everybody that am not the right wife for him... That even the woman of God husband told him to settle me, that I should go.. That if he marry me, I will made him poor, I will reduce him to zero, I and my mum will cage him, I will control him, I won't allow him look after his parents.. That I have many boyfriend... She said a lot of evil things concerning me... And when my guy disagreed with her that he was nothing before and everything he has today I was there with him, they started saying that I have bewitched him.. 
When they came back my guy still insisted that he must go ahead with his plan.. So the mum asked him to bring me home which we went, the mum didn't say anything. The only thing she asked is about my parents, but when I asked after their father, they said he travelled to the village. Then I travelled back to school, while I was in school my guy called that I should inform my parents about my introduction which I did.. The date was fixed and I came back from school, bought everything that was necessary.. 
My guy came to our house with his elder sister and the husband and his friend. They came into the house without a drink, and when I asked him he said his in-law said he should not present any drink to my family without his dad, that he should go and buy drink for his dad to approve our marry first. We gave them what we cooked and the drink we bought and they all ate and left, and my family became so angry and started asking me what was the meaning of what just happened. 
I then called my guy and asked him the reason of their action, he said it is because of what the prophet said that is still causing confusion.. So I asked him to buy drink and take to his dad, which he did, the dad promised calling him back to give him his final words, till now he has not called him. Is two months now. When I asked my guy to call the dad since the dad doesn't want to call him.. He said that the dad travelled to the village again. 
Look at what a prophet has done to me.. We are still together waiting for the dad to say something.. Am losing my mind, don't know what to think anymore.. I don't want to lose my guy and my guy said he doesn't want to lose me either. But sometimes he talk as if he is against me.. What should I do? Thank you.

I have a feeling that the so called 'prophet' was an arrangement by the family to frustrate your relationship and discourage your partner from getting married to you. You know that when a man travels out and returns, his family becomes more careful and concerned with his life, choices and decisions in life. They seem to care so much about his happiness and welfare as an individual, and they do everything possible to make sure that their own candidate is who he gets married to. And where their advice fails, they will definitely explore the 'prophet and prophesy' option to manipulate the individual using spiritual declarations and vision. 
My simple advice and suggestion is that both of you should remain steadfast and committed to your conviction. Don't allow anyone to frustrate your vision for the relationship, or be perturbed by the frustrations of your partner, encourage him to be stable and focused, pray with him and pray for him. 
If he's comfortable with talking to me, please encourage him to write to me, I believe that his parents and family want to frustrate his decision to marry you, but what God has ordained must surely come to fulfilment.


  1. I don't really know what people still believe in such things. We are responsible with our own destiny and whatever decisions we make affects our future. I think the prophet is just fake and was sent to ruin your relationship, if you are going to marry that man, his family will not accept you till the end of time just like the stories via

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