Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Have I Been Fooled for Four Years?

Good day ma, thank you for healing broken hearts with your words... 
I got married four years ago, and two years ago, I noticed that my hubby keeps contacting his ex(his recent ex before we got married).
Each time I ask, he either walks out on me or throw insultive words at me. He said I am putting ideas in his head each time I ask him.
Recently, I found out that he calls her when he is not at home and deletes his call log, but I got to find out when he mistakenly screenshot it.
When we newly got married, I asked him if there was any of his ex that he still has feelings for and he told me that he still had feelings for this particular girl but he will get over it.
While they were dating, this girl got pregnant but she aborted it because my hubby wasn't ready for marriage then.
Sometime ago, I saw this girl's account number in his inbox and when I asked he said she asked him for money.
Please I really want to know if I have been fooled for four years and please what can I do now because I feel bad each time I remember it.

The reason why he avoids the discussion, insult you, deletes their calls/conversations, and victimize you, is simply because he's still having an affair with her. 
The real challenge is that he's not willing to let you into this part of his life, because the bond he shares with that lady is stronger than your marriage. 
If not, then how will a man who cherishes his marriage and respects his wife insult her simply because she sought for clarification? 
What should you do? 
Get all your facts about this lady, and if possible, gather all the text messages, Whatsapp conversations, and Facebook conversations. With social media, you can easily track infidelity and the likes. 
When you have an overwhelming evidence, then you may either go through the route of involving a trained counselor or a respected member of his family, or you confront him with the evidence. 
You are doing this because his relationship with other ladies will most definitely have a negative impact in your marriage, health, and peace of mind.
I wouldn't want to say that you were being fooled, I guess you were trying to manage what you thought was going to fizzle out with time. Unfortunately, that hasn't been the case so it's best you confront it and deal with it.


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