Friday, June 24, 2016

Are there Genuine and Responsible Men in this World?

Dear Aunty Amara, thank you for the good work you're doing, God bless you, please I need your candid advice. I'm a lady going to 30 years now and the problem I am facing is that I've always been meeting guys that are either not serious to settle down, not financially okay to settle down, or having one character I am not comfortable with, please what should should I do? Are there still genuine and responsible men in this world? Please advice me.

While someone is somewhere asking if there are genuine and responsible men in this world, many others are busy preparing for the wedding with the "best man" that God has blessed them with.
Just like there are no perfect fit for all purposes, there is every need for you to make some changes, adjustments and modifications to the speck of husband that you are looking for so that you don't end up not getting married to your husband.
Money is very very important to make marriage work, but money cannot take the place of maturity and responsibility in a man's life.
There are some men who have a golden heart, are willing to lay down their lives to cater for the needs of their wives, and will give everything they have to build their marriage but they don't have so much money.
There are some men who have great vision for their future and his family but they don't have the opportunity for them to convert their vision to reality.
There are also some men who have one flaws or the other but they're willing to work on them and learn ways to get rid of such an attitude.
There are some specific aspects of a man that will never change until he's in a relationship with a lady. This is why there is dating to enable individuals access their personalities, understand their perceptions and purpose, work on their weaknesses and decide whether to continue with the relationship or move on with your life.
Instead of waiting for a perfect husband, I will suggest that you consider building a healthy friendship and relationship with men, avoid judging men before meeting with them or making conclusion where both of you can work on your weaknesses.
Don't just look for what you want in a man, get involved, be interested and consciously build a friendship with a man in such a manner that will leave him better than when you met him.
If he doesn't have enough money, suggest business ideas that will enhance his financial capacity. If he's not serious with his life, help him to realise that he can do better than that. If he has an attitude that is repugnant, don't just run, you can actually encourage him to work on his weaknesses and improve on them.
Be like the salt, bringing out the best in every individual you meet, you may be grooming your own husband unknown to you. Every man had someone who believed so much in them in such a manner that he couldn't help but organise his life and prepare for marriage.
Do not give up or lose hope, because for the fact that so many men approach you is an indication that your husband is not far from you, all you need to do is to humble yourself and allow God to guide your footsteps to your husband.
While you trust God for your own husband, please don't stop existing, and start living without purpose or happiness.
Be free, rejoice, touch lives for good, take yourself out, look good and be happy, eat healthily and keep fit, serve God with all passion and let your time count for something positive and beautiful.
You are too loaded to live with sadness and worries and no man wish to marry a lady who feels that the world is against her.
I am hopeful that you will meet your husband in no distant future.


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