Saturday, June 25, 2016

I Lack Confidence in Sex.

Good afternoon ma, please I need your advice. Am in my late 20s, my relationship with my husband is withdrawing everyday. It all started after I had my child, my husband and I always enjoyed a satisfying sex life. However after my daughter ( who was born by caesarean section), I totally lack confidence in sexual intercourse.
I love and adore my husband so much and he is not happy again base on this issue. Please Aunt Amara I don't know want to do again. I would just love for this other part of my life to improve. Thank you ma.

I understand that perhaps you are worried about the size of your tummy and the scar on your abdomen but what you don't know is that you still have the sweetest and most lovely vagina ever.
This is because your vagina didn't undergo any stress or stretches as a result of child birth. So you will still give your husband the same quality and exceptional sexual intercourse without him feeling like your vagina is bigger than it was before conception. 
As for your tummy and the scar, please don't be worried about that or lose your confidence, especially when your husband is not complaining about your size or worried about your new look. 
All you need is to eat right, exercise regularly and enjoy your sexual intimacy like never before. Trust me on this, nothing is wrong with your body and you shouldn't feel that your size is no longer appealing to your husband.
Allow your husband to give you a beautiful and a romantic massage while you simply allow him to admire your body. Relax your mind, be calm, and simply allow him to tell you how much he loves you and appreciates your body. 
Every changes and transformation in your body are all the beauty of motherhood, and that should not make you feel less of yourself or feel that you are no longer as attractive and beautiful as you were before conception. 
Encourage your husband to massage you more, caress you more and pamper you more, you will regain your confidence and will realise that you are still supper hot for sexual intimacy with your husband. 
You have no idea what you are missing out on until you let go of your worries about your body size and simply allow him to give your body amazing care and attention in a manner that will leave you feeling better and great.


  1. Madam,he is your husband,not your boyfriend. No matter what - we are not allowed to feel shy in the presence of our spouses. He is now part of your body,and you are now part of his. There is no room for shyness(he is your husband,not your boyfriend) - if there is any issue,it should be JOINTLY TACKLED. It is also his body. No need for shyness. Open up to him about how you feel about 'his body'. It is his duty to re-affirm and nurture you. Still do your part,but give him this opportunity to re-affirm his love for you. We wish you the best! #qdLADIES #qdMARRIAGE

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