Thursday, January 12, 2017

How Will I Overcome Premature Ejaculation?



Premature ejaculation may be caused by two major factors, the psychological factors and the health factors. 
Some of the psychological factors includes anxiety, stress, nervousness, penis personality amongst others. 
Before you go for any medical option, there is a need to rule out psychological factors to avoid infusing drugs into your sexual life. 
To start with, if you consume alcohols, aphrodisiacs, or nicotine, please quit consuming them. If you take so much carbohydrates, you may wish to minimise them also. 
If you consume energy drinks or sex enhancers, please stop consuming them because they have a negative impact on your penis. 
First thing, don't rush sex, don't rush thrusting or feel so anxious about having sex that you forget that your partner depends on you to enjoy sexual intimacy. 
Take a deep breath and thrust slowly, gently and gradually, try and build connection before getting too fast, and avoid ceasing your breath as you thrust. Always remember this, the very moment you start breathing faster and quicker, you will most likely release or experience quick ejaculation. To minimise the blood flow to the penis, take a deep breath and continue to breath even as you thrust. As you thrust, try to use your tongue to scratch the roof of your mouth, it will also help you to be in control of your ejaculation. 
There are positions that will help you last relatively longer in the bed, positions like the reverse missionary position where the lady is now on top of the man, reverse cowgirl where the lady is on top and backing you. 
As always there are some food supplements that enhances your sexual performance, supplements like garlic, ginger, onions, moringa, and grapes. 
Your sexual performance is greatly affected by what you eat and how you feel about your penis, so let's work on both of them and see if there will be some appreciable change in your sexual performance. 
Drugs is only taken when it's recommended by a medical doctor or an urologist, not because of what you read or heard of the drugs to avoid causing damage to your penis.
Take your time, learn the rope patiently, and don't be intimidated or have low self esteem as a result of this, but keep improving and with time you will become a sex stud..
Emm, now that you know, I'm certain that you know that sex is better enjoyed in marriage than in relationship, if she's good for your bed, then marry her so that both of you can enjoy sex without guilt or fear.


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  5. Premature ejaculation is quite common in people, especially during sex it is one of the frustrating moment to get premature ejaculation and quick ejaculation. These two facts are responsible for ruin the sexual satisfaction of a person. So we should follow medical advice to deal with these issues. Thanks for this wonderful article which describes certain hidden facts about premature ejaculation and its problems.


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