Wednesday, July 12, 2017

He's Too Ugly to be my Husband!

Good day ma, I want you to counsel me. I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for three years now but the challenge I'm facing now is that I am ashamed to present him to my extended family as my partner.
I also find it very shameful to walk with him due to his ugliness.
Although he is caring ,loving passionate... in fact, he possesses 90% of attributes I want in a man but my problem is that I am shameful present him as my life partner. My father also don't like him bcos of this ugliness and physical appearance.
I'm due for marriage but this problem keeps delaying me in entering into marriage with him.. Please I wil be waiting to hear from you.

If his vital organs are working; if his mental capacity is functioning; and he has a beautiful conscience, he is never ugly. That you don't like the physical appearance of a man doesn't in any way mean that he is too ugly to marry a beautiful lady. 
You are torn between choosing a handsome body and a beautiful heart, and if you are not proud of his physical appearance, please set him free from your toxic pity perception of his personality. 
Nobody deserves such a wicked perception of an individual, let alone someone who has a beautiful intention to marry you. 
Set him free please, there are many handsome men around, go for who rocks your boat and allow him to marry a lady who is proud of him in every sense of the word.
I don't want to preach about inner beauty and outer beauty, because I believe that you are mature enough to decide who is best for you. It's your choice, and you have the right to choose who is best for you.


  1. Words of wisdom. I love you amara

  2. I remember when i was about to get married to my husband ,my friend told me point blank that he was ugly...well he is not the finest of men but im proud of him and my kids are cute.

  3. Lol real funny you claims He's ugly but yet you've dated for 3 years

  4. Lol real funny you claims He's ugly but yet you've dated for 3 years


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