Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Gifts from the other Lady Makes me Jealous.

Good day ma.. Please help me, I am confused on what to do. Started dating my guy this year, prior to that, we have been friends and there is this lady that is so in love to the extent of posting his pictures on social media..  Recently, she started buying him gifts. I have complained, but my guy feels it's nothing that his affection can not be bought and that he loves me.
I know he does love me and I love him too.  But I can't help getting jealous over those gifts.
So should I ignore her, or ask my guy not to accept any gifts from her again. Thanks

You are not his wife and don't have the right to demand that he shouldn't accept gifts from admirers associate or sidechicks. 
These are some of the juicy perks that come with dating a handsome playboy or should I say young man. 
All you need to do is express your displeasure at that, and then give him the space to make his decision. 
Don't hold unto him so much, because there is no guarantee that he must end up with you. Also make friends and receive gifts from them should they offer you some. 
If he loves you so much, he will respect your emotion and pass the message across to her that he's dating you, else, please love with your heart and think with your head. 


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