Sunday, December 10, 2017

Mother-in-law Doesn't Help with Chores!

Good evening ma, there is this issue bothering my mind and need to let out.
I am a Christian and married ... I and my husband love each other, we had no issues aside the issue of bringing his mum to come and live with us.... Not that I really had issues with the idea, but this mum I am talking about can't do anything, I mean help with house chores or something and I am not ready to have a maid .... Besides I don't do well with me having third party living together with us....
Now I don't know how I am going to table the matter for my husband so that  he won't get angry....
Please I need advice. 

If you meant that you don't have the freedom to express yourself the way and manner that you desire with your husband as a result of the presence of your mother-in-law, I will understand that as a problem. 
If you meant that your current place of residence is too small to accommodate your mother-in-law, that also I will understand as a problem. 
If she influences her son against you or acts in a manner that puts you under undue pressure to satisfy her and your husband, yes I will call that a problem. 
But if you are saying that your mother-in-law is not doing house chores with you and that you can't cope with living with her because she's not domestic, honestly that may destroy your marriage. 
I was just wondering, would you tell your mother to do house chores in your home? I'm not so sure, and will you complain of not having time for house chores because of the presence of your mum? 
If you are comfortable with accommodating you mother-in-law, then I don't think you should raise this trigger, because it may crush this beautiful marriage of yours. 
I would rather suggest that you propose alternatives that would help you take care of your home without any undue pressure. 
These days, you can employ a house help that will take care of your house and not live with you. With as much as ₦20,000 per month, you can employ a house cleaner who will make your job easier for you. 
Unless there are other issues which you experienced with your mother-in-law which you didn't share with me, I do not suggest that you should tow this path. 

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