Monday, December 11, 2017

Does He Actually Love Me?

Good evening and complement of the season Aunty Amara. Please I'm confused now and I need your help ma.
I'm 25, just finished serving and still believing God for a job.  I met a guy while serving, he had interest in me but because I prepared my mind before going to service that I won't date any corper because most the relationship ends immediately after NYSC, and I don't want that.
Secondly, that even if I will date a Corp member, it must be from my Batch not the then outgoing batch. So because of that, I never gave him attention even though I admired him too and I didn't tell him. This was because I wasn't sure if he actually loved me or he just wanted to play with my emotions.
On April they passed out because he was batch A while I was batch B. We only communicated via Whatsapp and Facebook, until he traveled outside. He still kept in touch with me.
One day while chatting with him, he told me once again that he loved me but I never gave him the opportunity, but there is still chance for us. I took time to explain to him the reasons behind my actions then. He said that there is no problem, that we can still work things out if I allow him to know me. I said no problem and even opened up to him about a relationship I had with someone else when they left so that he won't hear it from somewhere else and he will be mad at me.  Still he said no problem that everything is now in the past, that it's better the way I told him myself.
Now the problem is that his character just changed of recent. Claiming he's busy up and down. He replies my message anytime he wants. His nonchallent attitude is really eating me up and I don't really know what the issue is. Still he is claiming that he loves me. His attitude is totally different from what he says. Does this guy actually love me? 
I'm confused and I'm thinking of moving ahead with my life because I don't want a situation someone will come and be telling me that I didn't love him when he was with me, now because he's now outside the country and I'm claiming to love him.
Aunty please I need your advice and that of your fans, thanks.

Take your time, find out the nature of his work/studies, find out when he's available for a chat/call or conversation, and how best he wants you to communicate with him. 
I wouldn't want to assume that he's nonchalant because it is very possible that he may not have all the freedom to communicate with you as often as you desire, but if he genuinely loves you, he will most definitely make out time to chat with you. 
Also, how open, honest, and genuine his communication and commitment is will to a larger extent determine whether you should continue with him or quit the relationship. 
Also, I will suggest that you don't always make yourself available to him all the time, even if you are not currently working, read, develop your mind, and get busy improving yourself. 
Give him some space and allow him to seek for you and reach out to you. The consistency of his commitment and sincerely will determine your next line of action. 
If over a long period of time he doesn't genuinely make out time to communicate with you, say one to two months, then you may need to move on with your life.


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