Tuesday, December 12, 2017

How Did I Offend my Husband?

Good morning ma. I saw your post about ladies going after married men, it was as if you posted on my behalf because I found out my husband is cheating on me and I couldn't sleep throughout the night.
I have been thinking how I did wrong, my husband based outside the country and he comes home only Christmas period.
I gave birth through cesarean section a month ago and he is back. I make sure I keep myself clean and attractive, I even made love to him not that am over strong but because I love him and have missed him a whole year. Only for me to find out he cheated on me today.
I am so pained that I don't think I can ever forgive him. I don't know what to do ma. I love him so much and I don't want my son to grow up without his father. Please ma advice me. Thanks

For your son to grow with his father, you must have peace of mind with his father and the motivation to build a family with his father before that desire of him growing with his father will be a reality. 
If he could cheat while he's under your nose, do you have any idea what he has been up to in his city of residence. 
And should you decide to manage his infidelity, then you may wish to protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections, and also prepare your mind to welcome another child from another woman. 
You need to talk to him and let him know how hurting you feel about his infidelity. Whether he will change or not is entirely up to him. 
One thing I must tell you is that you shouldn't allow any human being to make you feel inadequate, emotionally drained, and psychologically crushed for loving him. 
The moment you no longer have peace of mind and the motivation to make your marriage work, that's the best time to walk away and save yourself from depression.
Whether you choose to pray, fast or endure is up to you, but don't give any individual the room to ruin your life in the name of marriage. 

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