Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Did I Make a Mistake?

Good morning Amara, 
I'm impressed so far with your work. so I'm moved to share my own story here hoping that my identity is protected.
I met this young man sometime last year and we struck a relationship. as d days went by, we became more and more in love with each other. we live in different cities and as such, it was difficult to always be together except on weekends. Shortly after we got intimate, I was made to understand that there's a woman(a divorced mother of two) he's been dating long before we met, he went ahead to mention that d woman has found out about me and is threatening fire. I was furious at first but he begged me to give him 2 months to cut ties with her considering that his family is against their relationship. I obliged him. whenever we're together in his home, he'll be in constant fear of the lady walking in on us and creating a scene. he takes her calls whenever we're together but never takes my calls whenever he's with her. After the time he asked for has elapsed, he kept asking for more time. It was then that it dawned on me that this guy has a long way to go and I might be wasting a lot of precious time waiting for him to cut ties with the woman. so I ended things with him. I stopped going to him,stopped taking his calls. I deleted his numbers from my phones. unfriend him all social media so as to avoid the temptation to contact him. This happened some months ago and I have been making progress but I find myself missing him sometimes. and in terms of things I'd like in my man, he has up to 75%... so my dilemma now is DID I MAKE A MISTAKE ending things like that?
Dear sender,
When a man plead for more time to end his affairs with a partner, please remind him that you are not his time keeper nor do you have many time to spare while he enjoys good time with other ladies.
It is emotionally depressing, psychologically painful and time wasting for a man to deprive a lady of her happiness at the expense of her time.
You miss him but the truth is, he does not respect your personality nor does she respect your emotions which was why he kept pleading for more time from you.
When you meet a partner who truly loves and appreciates you,he wont keep another lady beside you.
Cheer up and be hopeful, love will will favour you I believe.


  1. U need a man that will kw what u love & respect you knowing what you (value). You deserve better. Treat yourself well.

  2. Definitely. Try to love yourself d more

  3. No dearie, u didn't make a mistake, u took the best decision. Kudos!!!!!

  4. U made the right decision dear cuz he is just a player

  5. U made the right decision dear cuz he is just a player

  6. Dearest! Time healssss nd just remeber dt grief is not a disorder, rather, it is an emotional, physical & spiritual necessity! The price u pay 4 love

  7. U took the right turn! Not a mistake


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