Wednesday, May 20, 2015

She is acting strange,what should I do?

Hello please Notify me when you post this for me, 
My relationship is crashing... I went to see my girlfriend in other State from my school unfortunately.... I got there late night.. 
Though I told her what happened... After getting there she started acting strangely... I did my possible best to pet her and ask what was wrong but she was the type that you can't calm until she calm herself.
I left her but the situation was getting worse ... She's hairdresser while am student.. Whenever I touch her and try to ask what the problem was she shouted at me... 
Since yesterday till now she's still angry and didn't want to talk to me... 
We are just like Cat and Rat when am with her so I decided to leave the second day (in the morning) while I dressed up she didn't say a word.
I told her bye she didn't alter a word... So I left on my way going to park to travel back she called me to come back.
As I don't wish to leave her before I went back , she asked are you willing to go and I asked her what was wrong but couldn't say anything.. Till now she's not doing normal.. Maybe she heard or saw, noticed anything she didn't tell me... What should I do cos have now become a novice and don't know when to calm her again... 
If I try it she could stab me..... Whenever she's angry.

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