Wednesday, May 20, 2015

She is Disrespectful,Disloyal and a Liar, What should I do?

Hello sister Amara I have seen your wonderful work your doing from a friend of mine, please hide my identity when posting.
I'm 34 and my wife is 33 but she lied to me that she was 30 she opened up to me few weeks ago 
And we got married a year and four months now and I'm very upset with her when she told me the truth but I'm afraid that she might be hiding many things from me since she hide her age for a year plus.
I love her and age is not a barrier to me but the main thing is she's not loyal and respectful wife. 
I give her anything she ask of me .
Please what should I do?
Notify me immediately you post it and hide my identity thanks
Dear sender,
I understand how terrible you feel knowing that you married a stranger but at this stage of your marriage, you will need to brace up yourself for more revelation of her personality.
From her attitude to her perception,and her vision.
You will need to be more patient,tolerating, understanding and supportive to enable her adapt to her duties as your wife.
Make out time to chat and discuss, give her the freedom and peaceful atmosphere to pour her whole heart out to you.
The more of her you know, the better it will be for you to know how to take care of her and manage her shortcomings.
Open up to her on how you feel and discuss about her attitude to you, find out what her fears,worries maybe and explore means to make her happy,comfortable and free with you.
I pray that God will give you the grace and wisdom to manage the present challenges you maybe experiencing in your home.


  1. Ohhhhh!! I can feel his pain! #age is not a barrier but she is not a loyal nd respectful wife! Is well. Anty Amara have sais it all nd I concor wt her. The lord is ur strenght

  2. For instance, when my hubby married me he didn't ask me my age but assumed, so it was I dat even asked him whether he was not bothered abt knowing my age, then he said wat he tot mit be my age but he was wrong and wen I told him, he was surprised but said it doesn't matter again since our marriage date was already fixed. And till now dat is a forgotten issue but if actually u asked her and she lied, thats very bad of her but u hv to forgive and forget abt it wat matters in life is being happy irrespective of age !'

  3. Age doesn't have anything to do in marriage. What matters is love , care, honest, faithful, respect and loyalty. Please forgive her

  4. The wife felt the hubby is only older than her with a year thereby she is seeing him as his age mate and not as a husband. That lady has a long way to go.

  5. Why would a lady lie about her age to her husband. Umu nwanyi. I doff my hat.



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