Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Should she swear in a shrine just to please her husband?

Aunty Amy, Good morning. Pls if U r seeing this message pls reply,am about 2 stand in as a witness 4 my friend this evening. Dunno if it's right or wrong. I don't knw how 2 write in d page dts y I came here. my friend 's hubby wanna take her somewhere 2 swear she has never had sex with any other man except him nd she chose me as her witness. Should she go or not? should I go with her or not? NB.She is innocent!


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  2. if ur friend must swear for her husband to believe her, then let her swear by the bible and by God but it would be bad for her to swear by any other thing since she does not know the power behind it.

  3. Yes I go with Linda, but the hubby also should swear, because he might be cheating on his wife and think the woman is also a cheater like him. But bible is the best or church altar


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