Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My husband changed immediately money came

Good morning aunty Amara,thanks for ur good works and God will bless u sorry sorry for writing this early ,as am typing this
am in tears cos am outside my house alone and am having asthmatic
cough,my husband is sleeping soundly and he doesn't care if am dying
or not.the only time he came outside was when my son was crying so he
brought him to me and went back to sleep,so I bath him him and send
him back to sleep.when I came to lie him on d bed my husband woke up
and started charting with me and he asked me when am going to start
antenatal and I told him that I won't be going to d hospital I used to
go because of these reasons the road to that place is bad,I used to
trek when it rains and with asthmatic cough I can be exposing my self
to rain and that I know how much I suffered during my second pregnancy
that my water broke at six months ,that he knows that I was always in
d hospital almost every day that I don't want that this time around
but I promise him if my pregnancy gets to nine months I will go to
that hospital I used to go and register .I told him him for now he
should allow me go to another one that the road is accessible,he got
angry and told me he is not party to that ,that I should start going
outside that am disturbing him with my cough and not working
cos he wouldn't allow me work ,,he always want be to do what he say I
have always been obedient wife,he doesn't give me money when I need it
but he gives me when he decides may by then I don't need it again.he
doesn't buy thing when I need them but buy it when he feels like.when
I married my husband he was struggling but I was always on my knees
praying for God to bless him and now God has bless him,he becomes
arrogant,more stubborn ,am d only one trying to make peace,he dosent
discuss serios matters with me,he only tells me when he has execute d
project.when he travels he won't keep money for me,he will make me go
through his servants to get the money.aunty I have prayed and prayed
and it seems God is not keeps getting worse ,I really
don't know what to do .he was loving and caring when d money was not
much but now he is something else.pls advise me cos am loosing it.this
same man I gave. all d money I saved during my nysc ,I stood by him
when his lab result was mistaken for HIV.l had every oppoturnity to
leave him then but I stood by him and later it was discovered to  be a
mistake.sorry for d long write up I want u to help me


  1. All I can say here is that God is always on the throne, don't relent, keep praying, all will definitely be well. I won't ask you to invite your spiritual heads or family because I don't know your husband's temperament, but keep praying and always find time to discuss all these issues with him, pray for God to direct you and give you wisdom on how to always go about it, at the end you will be victorious. Remain blessed.

  2. So men deserv flogging I swear #vexing#

  3. Honestly u really have to pray, secondly I advice u find to cook his favorite meal, do those tins he do. Cherish, reignite the love again. God will see u through

  4. Stories like this scared d hell out of me getting married. Empower yourself poster, depending on a man for everything makes dem to loose control of their behaviour, it's frustrating asking a man for everything. Let him know you want to start working to support him. You are educated for Christ's sake + treat yourself of that cough please. May God give u d wisdom to tackle this.

  5. The complaint get k- leg. I don't believe nowadays men don't have a heart to remember who stood by them through thick and thin. Let this lady tell her husband is a gentle manner after making him a good dish in a clean underwear, tell him how bad he's treating you and you seriously need a job. A woman having money makes her relevant in her home. Still pray because God never sleeps though it may linger

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  7. Madam stop complaining, all ur write up shows no tangible thing. U just feel u deserve more, maybe bcos u are always alone and lonely.

    Relax ur mind and live ur own life, he will come around u more when u become more self developing and oriented

  8. My dear you need deeply prayer ooo. May God see you tru

  9. That guy s callous, imagine chasing u away from ur room all becos u had asthma, hmmmmmm! !! Na only God fit save u but at the main time, ignore his arrogance towards u,don't let it get to u.

  10. Keep committing your family into God's hands. He knows your heart's desire and he'll come to your aid.


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