Sunday, May 24, 2015

Each time I hear Marriage, I feel choked!

Hello aunt Amara, 
Recently I started having this feeling which I want to know if anybody feel the same. I'm a guy 30years of age currently have got a fiancée. Right now I'm so scared of marriage, something inside me makes me think that marriage spoils all the happiness in relationship. I just felt like marriage chokes partners up with so many routine and responsibilities. I feel more secured loving my partner, having kids building ourselves to reach tops in our different careers , supporting each other and being best of lovers/friends for the rest of our lives. Each time I hear MARRIAGE, I feel like I'm going to lose my best friend when I marry her. Please is this normal??
Dear sender,
Maybe this feelings has to do with what you must have heard from others,watched in a movie,read on the social media or from a book but clearly that is not what marriage stands for.
Marriage builds your attitude to your wife and your children.
Marriage makes accountable to your family and makes you a responsible and mature man.
Marriage provides the platform for you to invest in your future long after you are gone.
Marriage is a blessing and a divine favour for a man.
Where you struggle before you sail through, where you were weak, marriage makes you stronger.
When you feel cold, its in the loving arms of your wife that you find comfort and when you are afraid, marriage provides the platform for you to plan and re-strategize for your greatness.
Marriage doesn't spoil happiness, a wrong perception and partner does.
Marriage does not choke partners up but yes you would be completely naked to your partner in such a manner that she wont hesitate to remind you where you may not be getting it right.
Maybe you need to study God's intentions for marriage,then you will appreciate the beauty and the favour that marriage brings.
Prepare your heart and always pray that God will give you the wisdom,maturity and understanding that you need to love, help, support and appreciate your wife as long as you live.
There is nothing as beautiful, lovely and glorious on earth as marrying the partner that God himself have prepared for you.
Marriage is honourable, and the best gift of God to humanity because through marriage, our imperfections is made perfect with love, understanding and patience.


  1. It is normal to feel that way because in marriage, it is no more about you two as partners or lovers but about your families and friends and the society too. Moreover that fight to be the one and only of your spouce in marriage is dropped. When there is nothing to fight one to compete with, the enthusiasm in the marriage is affected.

  2. I think you're allowing alot of these negative vibes about marriage get to you, in as much as we have a lot of marriages hitting rock bottom that doesn't mean it will happen to you. I implore you to allow God take His place & you'll not regret it. We sure have our challenges in marriage, how we handle it makes a lot of difference. Please don't let the fear hinder you from enjoying God's beautiful plan for you. Remain blessed bro

  3. Marriage is very sweet, in as much dat u hv sacrifices to make, as in forgoing some of things u does & enjoyed while u were single, it a new phase in life, Aunty Amara, gave u good piece of advice.

  4. Marriage is a beautiful tin just like love is a beautiful tin dearest once u are willing to sacrifice for it.

  5. Marriage is a beautiful tin just like love is a beautiful tin dearest once u are willing to sacrifice for it.


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