Sunday, May 24, 2015

My girlfriend is committing incest with her brother

Good morning MA(Nigeria Time).
Am devastated and confused right now. 
I found out(with empirical evidence) that my girlfriend is committing incest with her younger brother of 15 years old. please how do i go about it??? Thanks

Dear sender,
Incest is not only evil but is also an abomination before God.
Please do well to discuss with her, find out how it all started and what lead to it.
Allow her to open up to you and do not judge her yet until you have gotten to know the root cause of her desire for her brother.
It maybe as a result of an abuse she suffered in her childhood or something that you do not know about.
The healing process may not be immediate but with your support and encouragement, I believe she will overcome the addiction.
Pray for her and pray with her, assure her of your love and support to seeing her win the battle.

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