Saturday, May 23, 2015

My feelings for her is fading,whats wrong?

Dear aunty Amara, 
Thanks for the good work that God is using you to do in peoples relationships, may God continue to increase you. 
Please ma, hide my ID and please notify me when this is posted. I am a guy, in October i would be 23, a youth copper, i have been in this relationship with a girl for over a year now, we have actually loved ourselves all the way, but of recent my love for the girl started dying down, it went so low that mere feelings where hard to muster, and i am not seeing another girl, but the thing that has kept me wondering was that in all these, my girl's love for me has just constantly been increasing. It got to a point, i was just confused, i didn't know what came over me. 
I decided to suspend the relationship and check whats wrong with me. It was so bad that her calls, messages just pisses me off. I don't know what to do right now, cos my conscience cant just let me be especially considering the fact that the girl in question has done nothing to me. 
Ma please what do I do?

Dear sender,
I feel you are going through some psychological and emotional stress which has negatively affected your desire for a relationship and feeling for your lady.
Maybe you need to let go of your worries and be grateful.
Take your mind off from the things you do not have and try gratitude therapy which includes counting your blessings,appreciating your life and everyone that you have met in life.
When you set your heart free from worries, you will see how beautiful, lovely and amazing your partner has been to you.
Cheer up and remember that whatever is making you fearful, is also afraid of your might and greatness.
You shall succeed in life and make a great impact in your generation.
All the best.

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