Thursday, May 21, 2015

Few months to our wedding, I saw used condoms in his house

Aunty Amara good day and God strenghten you in this outreach of helping people with there problems. 
I'm 23 while he is 32,we have dated for three years. Words cannot explain how I love him and he also claimed to love me too.he made my problem his and can do anything to make me happy until recently I started suspecting him and its just few months to our wedding. 
I went to his house this week only to see used condoms. I was shocked,this was someone I trusted because of his promises not to cheat on me. Out of anger and betrayal I slapped him and walked out and its been a week now he has neither called nor apologized. I feel miserable. 
I still love this guy but he is not even acting remorseful.What should I do Aunty Amy?
Dear sender,
I can only imagine your pains and disappointment when you saw those condoms.
I know you must have felt terrible,angry and depressed which made you to slap him.

Now that you have realized yourself, I feel its time for you to talk things through with him.
Ask questions about the condom and possibly who used them.

Apologize for the way and manner you reacted which may not have been the very best.
When you talk things through with him, you can then decide whether getting married to him is the best life can offer to you.

Cheating is one mess too significant to ignore and when a partner is addicted to cheating, it takes the grace of God for such a person to be redeemed.

Most times it exposes the other partner to risks of sexually transmitted diseases and the possibility of a strange woman in a home which is why I would rather suggest you take your time to weigh your options before saying I do to him.

Telling you to forgive him may not be the best advice until you have heard from him and discussed about it,maybe then you can decide whether to forgive him and continue or forgive him and bid him farewell.

In all, I hope it all works out in your favour.


  1. I think you should follow auntie amaras advice

    1. She should leave him, he is a cheat. She would meet a good man from mars that would marry her. UFO's doesn't cheat o.

  2. You still have enough time to decide if u can continue with him or not.. This is marriage u are talking about here and not friendship, so make out time and discuss d issue with him and hear from him, if he's really guilty my dear it is very easy to cancel d marriage now

  3. I wouldn't say all men cheat must most of dem are chronic cheat, I don't think he really loves u nne, the signs are there, he cheated and didn't bother to show remorse. I guess he s gonna turn it all against u becos u slapped him. Just do as aunt Amara advised but be very careful.

  4. U re hot temper. . Ask for forgiveness asap

  5. But dear you over reacted, apologize to him and den hear his own side of the story from there you will know weda to continue or to call it a qiut

  6. No Matter How Far You Have Gone Down The Wrong Road,You Can Always Turn Back. ‪#‎GodOverEverything‬ Stay Focused. ‪#‎WonderfulGod‬

  7. No Matter How Far You Have Gone Down The Wrong Road,You Can Always Turn Back. ‪#‎GodOverEverything‬ Stay Focused. ‪#‎WonderfulGod‬

  8. No Matter How Far You Have Gone Down The Wrong Road,You Can Always Turn Back. ‪#‎GodOverEverything‬ Stay Focused. ‪#‎WonderfulGod‬

  9. U saw used condom in his house, and u slap him and still expect him to call you abi?
    U didn't even bother to even allow him defend himself!
    And had it been he was the one who slap u now, na DAT time u go hear 'no matter what a guy should not raise his hands on a woman'

    The guy should not marry you, coz u are hot tempered, na ur type go disgrace ur husband if you see him with his boss!

    Go and beg for forgiveness from God jare and visit a councilor

  10. He will tell you the following "you slapped me without even bothering to ask me any questions! I can now see you don't trust me. *he will shake his head here in feigned sadness* do you think I will be so stupid as to leave used condoms lying around if I were cheating on you. My friend came here with a girl he met, he said his placed was messed up and he just wanted to spend time with her, I never knew he turned my house to a brothel and even left the condoms behind" now, you will be feeling stupid for doubting your man and start begging lol but just know its all lies and his rod has parted another girls red sea.


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