Thursday, May 21, 2015

Brazilian Hair Palaver

Great work you are doing ma,kindly help me clear this confusion on my mind.Maybe it is me or perception of people about me,but the truth of the matter is that i have been having this challenge for a very long time that even people i have tried confiding in ends up taking adverntage of it at the end of the story goes like this......Often times
,i have tried as much as i can to render help to people around me in ways of lending or borrowing money in times of need,this category of people has mostly been my close relatives or friends.And this particular act of giving has succeed in severeing my relationship with all of this people i have ever had such dealing with because at the end of the day they never keep part of the bargain which in some cases leads to misunderstanding and all of that.Like the igbo will say(onu ejiri biri aku abughi anu eji agwo ya).The one that pained me to the brim was a deal i had with my cousin sis ,on oct 2014 she called and told me there is a weave(brazillian) on sale and encouraged me to get one for myself,because of the trust and respect i have for her i shouted "ahaaa sis "keep one for me without minding and bargaing i obliged to pay at the end of the month.Immediately my salary entered,i took a chunk of it and paid into her account without seeing the weave.(after all she is my sister,so therefore she cannot cheat or dupe me)my thought.
Alas,but to cut the long story short,the said brazillian was made in ojota lagos,and i never get to used it and she never get to refund me my money..That singular act turned my heart into a stone,hmmmmm but here is the main gist.another of my cousin brothers wife gave birth through CS and he needs 250k ,and has called me for help of any amount not all though, i told him i dont have .Ever since i told him that lie my conscience has been on me.Please,if you are in my shoe,what will you do?considering my experince .Help me post.....Thanks alot ma.


  1. Borrow him some money if u have, u don't start playing silly bcos ur sister duped u. Maybe she saw u as a foolish person.
    Next time see before u pay.

    1. @Poster, your story is not different from what many creditors are facing today. For me, i don't lend (borrow) money to anyone, except my immediate brothers and sisters (family members). However, "Given" is one aspect of life that atracks blessings, favour, God's protection, and financial breakthrough. Here, you don't need to lend, but you render assistance no matter how little it may be, to save an urgly situation. Don't give because you're expecting a reward or return from the receiver, but regard your assistance as a seed planted in the Vine Yard of God, which the Holy Spirit waters, and it grows to bear great fruits into your account. Please, get something tangible and sow into the life of that baby, and allow God in Heaven, to do his work. Surely, He can never fail you. Cheers.

  2. Funny post. People will always take advantage of the good hearted ones.

  3. He he he he he! !!! My own case is that once I lend people money, some takes forever to pay back while others don't pay back at all. The case of ur bazillion hair cousin and the one whose wife put to birth are two different case. You should have helped out. Try and also take notes of people's attitude, since some of dem are dubious, try nd disassociate urself in any form of dealings that requires money.


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