Friday, May 22, 2015

I am tired of waiting, how can I make him to commit?

Please hide my identity. 
Am a girl of 25 years dating a guy of 33 years, we have dated for about 7 years, though it's been officially 5 years because we were friends before we started dating. 
Am a graduate and he is not. But am not bordered about that. 
I just wanted you to tell me how can I make him come for my marriage rite. 
Because he knows my parents and I know his. 
But anytime I ask him why was he delaying, he says nothing. But he is still as loving and caring, though not always but he has the qualities I need in a man. Or is he afraid of something I don't know about. 
I have even stopped having sex with him but I still go to do some domestic chores for him while he is not around. 
And anytime I threaten to leave him he begs me not to. 
Am tired of waiting, if he is not ready let me move on. 
I just need to know how to make him commit, cos I really love him and I know he loves me too
Dear sender,
Please do well to sit him down and have a heart to heart talk with him. Please read my response on how to define a relationship and encourage your boyfriend to tell you in specific terms what to expect and when to expect it.
If he has nothing tangible to say, then you may need to reconsider your purpose for the relationship and his plans too.
Five years is enough for him to know what he need from a relationship with you and it may not be so favourable for you to be waiting for a man that may not be going anywhere.
The earlier you know his intentions, the better for you.


  1. A Guy of 33years already have an Idea of what he wants so you don't have to play games to make him marry you.

    If you Like stop having sex with him or if you Like give him "Snake in the Monkey Shadow style" in Bed, If he does not want to marry you, It won't change his plans!

    Kindly have that One-on-One discussion with him and make sure that discussuion does not take place in Bed so that it won't be 'Nkwa ekwere Nwanyi na elu Bed'. Lol

  2. I find it odd for a woman to ask a man why he hasn't proposed to her, I know the five years is more than enough for him to propose but if he's not coming forth with it, you should've walked away from the relationship instead of asking him to propose. P.S dating a man for 100 years does not guarantee that he will marry you, some men can keep you for eternity as long as you're giving them sex and doing their domestic chores, just as you're doing for this one, my point is many years of dating does not equal to proposal, so you better walk away now before it will get to 10 years. #enoughsaid

  3. My dear, if he doesn't propose to u, propose to him. Relationship these days is all about who makes the first step. Lead d way, den if he doesn't follow you can now read the hand writing on the wall

  4. If any guy comes for ur hand in marriage while ur present guy is still reluctant to make a move, quickly port over to dat one, some guys don't actually know wat dey hv until dey loose it!

  5. It is only God who will make him commit.


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