Friday, May 22, 2015

He does not care; am confused!

Good evening Ma, weldone for a wonderful work you are doing here. God will always strenghten you in Jesus name, amen. 
Ma please alert me when you post this.  
Aunty Amara there is this guy i met January this year and he have declared his intentions of getting married to me which i have prayed and my spirit accepted him. 
But there is this character am noticing in him which i am not comfortable with. 
He have not asked me how am managing despite that he is a business guy who is doing well in his business e.g If i beg him that i needed support, it doesn't border him and he will not ask me how i finally sorted it out. 
The other time, i called him that my phone got damaged and i can't chat or ping as normal and he just told me later he will see what he can do about that and he never talked about it again till today while i have gotten another phone now. 
I called him again one day begging him to please help me with money that there was something i really needed to do with cash and he promised to do something and at the end of the day he didn't do anything, my birthday day he just send a text message nothing more. I have complained about this to him and he kept on telling me i should calm down. So am really confused about this relationship because i need a man that will care and always understand my feelings.
Dear sender,
Many have made a lot of promises of everlasting love but their attitude have only proven that they were only joking.
In as much as you do not need to remind him to show concern about your needs and worries,I do not think he cares about anything that concerns you.
Maybe you need to give him some space, stop demanding what you need and focus in building your virtues.
Maybe you should not give him reasons to look down on you and feel you are after his money.
Maybe you should take hold of yourself and stop sharing your concerns with him.
This will at least make him to seek for you that is if he is genuinely in love with you and then appreciate you for who you are.
Do not let his attitude make you give up on yourself, but let it motivate you to strive to become a better lady and a lady of virtue.
When you meet a man who truly care about you,you will not need to remind him how to care for a lady.
Cheer up and be the best you are destined to be


  1. People who always comes up with 'I will do something about it' usually end up doing nothing and in this case, I think the guy is just being stingy and selfish. One cannot genuinely luv without giving but one can give without loving. In other words, giving is d paramount and where there is no giving, my dear 'borrow legs' join with the one you have.

  2. As Usual, Every Nigerian Girls' defintion of a CARING man is a Man that spends so much money on them. As Long as he spends and gives you Money, He is a Caring Man!!! Every other character(womanizing, Physical abuse, verbal abuse etc) does not matter.

    Well, The only advice I have for you is that It is extremely early to Marry someone you met in January. You don't know him enough; 4-months is such a short time to conclude you know someone enough to marry him. Give it time. You don't know him yet. Don't enter into a marriage that you will start regretting a day after ur wedding.


    1. Pls do not be silly. What do u mean by "Every"?

    2. He's not silly. He's saying the truth. Although He would have said most Girls instead of Every Girl.

    3. If he had said "most" instead of "every", I wudnt have asked him to (pls) not be silly.

  3. How can you be complaining about a man you said your spirit accepted, my dear I think you were just focused on what he said to you."I will marry you" you have already accepted him before praying, and talking about him not caring for you, i will say this: in as much as relationship is all about loving and caring, you must not depend on a man to do everything for you, learn to be independent, the problem with some of you is that immediately you're in a relationship it means you've hit a jackpot. #enoughsaid

  4. I hope you're not money conscious (gold digger). Just within 4months, your Spirit has accepted his proposal for marriage, and the next thing is : "buy me phone", not just a cheap phone you type would demand, but a "machine", and obviously, it is the character of whether Ladies or girls, that you met them today, and the next thing is buy me Iphone. Give me money for this or that, not just a hundred naira, but an amount running into several thousands if not close to a million naira. I believe you know his needs more capital to expand and sustain his bussiness ? If within 4months you've requested the few ones you mentioned here, not even the ones you did not mention, then within 1 year, that man or guy would be left with little or nothing for the marriage which your spirit has already accepted. The question is, don't you have parents or can't find something doing ?

  5. Dear poster, making these demands of a person you met 4 months ago makes you appear as a gold digger. Ladies please concentrate on making yourselves self-suficient and stop being overly dependent on men. When you do so, you naturally attract genuine men to yourself, and when such a man wants you, he seeks to satisfy your needs without being asked.

  6. Gosh.....the administrator of this group (Amara) must be such a silly and fucked-up person! Amara, if you haven't got anything constructive advice to give to your viewers, just keep quiet and let others contribute into it.

    Has it occurred to you or the self-centred lady that sent in this post to enquire if this man is actually doing very well as claimed? The Sender haven't even taken the pain to have a face-2-face meeting with this man to asses things very well, yet so quick to jump into conclusion that he doesn't love her and the rest of the Bullshits here! What efforts has the sender of the post made to make this man feel that she wasn’t into him for just finance gains? It’s disappointing hearing most of our Nigerian based young ladies these days using a man as her opportunity for financial freedom, that the man must buy everything she wants. Girls go and do decent job and make your own money, stop using boyfriend\ man as your bank. Have some self-respect


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