Friday, May 22, 2015

He plan to divorce my mum, what do I do?

Good evening Aunty Amara, please post this for me and hide my identity and alert me when posted, may God be your strenght for the advice you give to your fans have really taught me so many things and so to others. 
Am a boy of 24 years My story is a bit long but i will try to summarize it. When i was in the womb my dad brought another woman home to marry because he only paid for my mum's dowries. My mum took me back to her father's house when i was tender, she trained me with her struggles and with the help of her brothers till now, thank God am in one of the universities in Nigeria, in fourth year to be precise. When i was in SS3 my mum got married to another man after returning the dowries to my father, she was blessed with four kids, one girl and three boys. The girl died last year February and before then the man have started having serious shaking in his business because he was duped of a reasonable amount of money. After some years he summoned a meeting with my mum's brothers during christmass period, he gave them condition that he has seen another lady that will help revive his business, that if they(my uncles) did not contribute money to help him that he will divorce my mum..they gave him 150k and made him understand that its not because of the threat, this happened last two years December...the major problem now is that my mum called me this morning because they stay in Abuja and i study in Enugu, she told me that the man is planning to divorce her that a lady was now pregnant for him, that she should go back to her parents(the man said) my mum is bitter because she was the one providing for the family and paying the children's fees since the problem started. She cried on phone that she don't know what to do, right now am very confused too because i don't know what to do or tell my mum,but the man and my mum are from Enugu,but based in Abuja ,
Please aunty Amara and fans whats the best approach to this problem, what do i advice my mum to do...sorry for the long write up, thanks all


  1. Dearie, if ur mom has been catering for u guys without ur step fathers help, make her understand she can do better without him, she doesn't need a jerk of a husband. Tel her to gather herself and move on instead of living in agony.

  2. Only prayers can solve this kind of problem but having said that, tell your Mum to stay away at the moment to avoid domestic abuse.

  3. If I understood you better, you said while you were in the womb your supposed father married another woman and your mom returned the dowry and married another man and the same thing is about to happen again...I smell something that has to do with lineage or generational curse, just search for a solution from that aspect, take your mom to go and meet her kinsmen and know more about her family history cos something is amiss. #enoughsaid

  4. Dats very pathetic, be it as it maybe, she shld seek d face of God and allow d will of God to be done in her life, she has her children, u guys shld strive hard to become great and make her happy, her happiness shldn't depend on a man!

  5. If the man is serious, then your mother should consult a Lawyer and take formal Court processes as regards "Divorce". By so doing, the man would live with the responsibility of taking care of his children and his divorced wife, and they both would have unlimited access of seeing their children. Life goes on.


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