Friday, May 15, 2015

Is her flat mate fetish or is she unnecessarily worried?

Good day madam, My name is ******, please hide my identity and post my mail, I want to see other ladies view, if they have experienced such before and advise. I lived in a flat with a girl that is nearly opposite of me is size and that is not related to me biologically but related to my in-law. When I moved into the flat, we were very close. so I was always telling her about myself but she was always convincing me not to have friends in this state, as girls in the state are very fetish, they move from one prophet to the other to find out things about their friends and go to another prophet to spoil the good thing coming their friends way and a lot of her friends did that to her, though I argued with her that it was not possible and that no man of God does that.
At times she will come home and tell me that a man of God told her to tell me to be careful and i will ask who is this man of God, how did he/she know me because we are not related, she will say that the person said she should tell the girl that is living in same flat with her this and that, this thing continued and I never suspected anything but I noticed that whenever i'm rejoicing, she was not always happy and when i wear something new, she will look at me from head to toes and call my name, then she will say hmmmmm, hmmmmmm. Since I didn't have anything in mind never suspected anything was fishing. Was still playing with her and at a time i even introduced her to my very good friend that was looking for a wife. One day one of my friends came to visit me and asked how i am related to her, when i told her, my friend was like, I should be very careful of her and I said why, she said she has told me ehn...,ehn... Only for my flat mate to call me the next morning and asked how i'm related to my friend and i told her, she was my course mate and she asked if i know her house and i said yes, that i even eat in her house, then she said I should be careful of her and I asked why she said she has told me, i tried persuading her, she said I don tell you. Then I prayed a prayer since it was as if I was the novice between them: Oh God separate me from every unfriendly friends and show me things I do not know about my myself and friends. Before I knew what was happening God separated all of us. I had two different dreams in one night, three of us got separated, my friend packed out peacefully. After then i had a dream, firstly, my flatmate told me she was taken me to a pastor in the dream, when we got there the pastor was almost done and asked his servants two children that were tying white wrapper to attend to us but they couldn't, why we were leaving i saw a big python coming towards our direction, and i screamed, a man that looks like an hunter appeared and said i should not be scared, he is going home to get cutlass to kill the python, so i ran into a shop, the shop was two in one, i was hiding in the inner store but my flatmate and some people were seating and discussing in the front shop and the piton entered the shop but they were not distracted and was finding its way into the second shop i was hiding, meanwhile in that inner shop i was hiding, somebody was guarding me and i told the person, see this python wanted to enter here and see the person that brought me here, they were there discussing and the python was with them and the person that was with me in the inner store where i was hiding said don't be afraid, you are safe here, don't be afraid, so when they left, the person sneaked me out. 
The second was a giant broke my room door while i was sleeping and was holding a hammer and wanted to use it on my head i shouted JESUS, then I subdued the person, and pushed her out, as I was pushing the person, I pushed her into my flat mate's room, when I woke up I prayed for interpretation/confirmation, then anointed my door post, still didn't think she was the one, but when I was going to work that morning, i greeted her and she said somebody said she should tell me that something was bothering me and God said He will answer my prayer soon , that I should not follow any friend anywhere as they wanted to take me somewhere to exchange my glory(before God and man I was not close to any friend then, just my colleagues and workers) and I told her I am new here and I don't have friends and nobody can exchange my glory. Then I asked her the person that told her, she said a pastor came to her room yesterday evening to pray and i then asked, how did he know me? he said you have a flat mate, that was how i came into picture. I was late for work so i left her. When i got to office i called and asked her those questions again, in the process she said the pastor came from Owerri that she will take me to him and I said I wasn't going that the pastor was fake because he did not tell you what he is supposed to tell you, we ended the discussion. Few minutes later, she called back and said she wanted to ask me a question, she called my name and said can you fight, to me it was strange and i told her i didn't understand, she said she is asking me if I can fight( with harsh tone) and i told her that i do not have strength to fight but its God that is fighting for me. She then said we should leave it like that, i should pray that whoever i has eaten my salt and drank my water that is fighting, that i should pray for the sun and the moon to fight them, I told her that its not only those that has eaten my salt and drank my water, whosoever that is against me God will fight them, then she said I should not worry that she will take me to the pastor that she is a young lady, meanwhile she said before it was a man from Owerri, then i told her, i was not going any where. We ended the call.
Few weeks later, there is a pastor she introduced me to when we were very close called me and said I should come and see her, reluctantly i went and she told me that I should pray about my job of which I was already having signs in the dream and in the office,then she started praying for me, when she finished, I told her my dreams too and what was happening in my office, out of pain, she was like why is this girl(called her name) why is she taken your name from one place to the other out of envy and jealousy but don't worry, be at peace with her and God will give you victory.To God be the glory the issue was resolved One day I got home, in between the kitchen and my room, water was on the floor and the water was much, i stepped on it, so started looking for were the water was coming from, no pipe busted that was last year August/Sept, so went back to my room, when she came back she baled the water with packer and bowl, I didn't say anything kept praying, but I saw ''hell'' from that period till 2014 ending, my personal business went down, i was using my salary to pay three workers, everything went upside down, I will pray and cry but it was as if God was far, i was now slim but thank God for His intervention. Late last year I brought one of my friends relative I employed in my personal business to start living with me, February this year to be precised, my flat mate didn't know my Aunty's driver that came was still around, I got home with my worker that was living with me at 11pm, we saw water in that same sport again, then I called my Aunty's driver, the man was like he was surprised when he saw the water, that he had searched the kitchen and everywhere, no pipe broke, that what brought about this water, he was surprised, then I told him it happened before and how the girl balled the water and she(my flat mate) was inside, do you know that the driver had already crossed it before my girl and I crossed it and went to our rooms(this time around, i didn't step on it like the other one), this girl did not bale the water, it was there for days and I told my girl not to touch it, when we are sweeping, we will sweep around the water till it dried off. A lot has been happening that I can't even discuss now because of time, yesterday, one of my friends that based in Uk needed me to show him somethings , so he picked me up from my office and the place we went to was close to my flat mate's shop. when we got to the junction, the guy packed his car because he didn't want to go far to turn so we walked into the street,My instinct was telling me that if this girl sees this guy she will think I am dating the guy and it will lead to another envy all those her spiritual things(Very tall, cute polish guy) though the guy has heard about her but was seeing her for the first time. We entered the shop of the person we came to see, while we were leaving my flatmate was still outside her shop, her worker called me and said I didn't stop by to say high, I told her I was in a hurry, the next day i will visit them,when we left there i went some where else by the time I got home it was past 9 pm, my flatmate was already in her room, i sat in the sitting room, i didn't feel like going to my room, my instinct was telling me something was wrong but could not figure it out, finally i took the second sitting room door for me to my room, for me to go straight to my room, i went to my worker's room, then went back to the sitting room, at the door post I saw fresh olive oil poured on the floor of the door from the beginning to the end and it was much with two indomie seasoning transparent paper on both sides with the oil on them forming a straight line, then i called my girl and she was shocked and said but this thing was not here this morning, i prayed and went to my room and as I was opening my door, I saw same oil in front of my room but was not in front of my girl's room , not in front of her own room, only in front of my room and the second seating room door i usually take.

Dear sender,
We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers of darkness.
With all you have written, you need to be very prayerful and learn to be spiritually sensitive to avoid giving the devil a loophole for destruction.
I may not know who is responsible but i feel you need as a matter of urgency to soak yourself in God's word,pray fervently and commit yourself to God totally.
Your victory is in Christ Jesus, never you take things like these for granted.
Pray,and Pray and Pray.
No plots and plans of the wicked one shall prosper in your life in Jesus name amen.


  1. Please you need to pack from that house that your flat mate is demonic. pls dont just ignore the hand writing on the wall. Pack out n be prayerful.

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  3. What da fuck is this!!!! All of una be winch


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