Friday, May 15, 2015

Her kindness has brought envy and jealousy.

Aunty good day ma.Please help me to post this,hide my identity.Please when posted I'll be grateful if you will alert me. I'm a mother of one year old child,a Nigerian but stays in Togo,we Nigerians here are close and we help each other a lot. There's a woman that called me to come to the hospital &help her that she was in labour ward,I dont know her very well but out of sympathy as my fellow Nigerian woman I went. I helped her for three days in the hospital & I was sleeping on d floor.
When they discharged her she couldn't go home cos her hubby traveled so I brought her &her two other children to our house,though my hubby wasn't happy but I begged him &he allowed me.I washed the woman's blood-stained wrappers,cooking food,massaging her,bathing her children,etc.till her hubby came back two days after.I had miscarriage cos I was pregnant while helping her.My brothers &sisters,when I told her I'm having miscarriage,the woman said that was what fits me that was because I'm driving around the town doing guy that's why I had miscarriage when I heard this I became dumbfounded.Sincerely,I prayed that God should remove the pains from my heart & I've forgiven her but what's amazing me now is that she's not responding to my greetings,I dont know what I did to her,I've tried to ask her but she shouted at me.She's going to all the Nigerians telling them I said my hubby is rich &everybody should stay on their own &she's also telling people that my hubby is her brother but isn't true.As I'm talking few Nigerians are no more responding to my greetings.I don't know how to defend myself again,this woman is older than me,she didn't go to primary school.& I'm a graduate. Please friends what do I do?Should I confront her?Should I start going to people's house like her to tell them she's lying? Should I continue praying?Please your advice will help me.God bless you.


  1. See gobe! People like this make good people bad! Madam, it is well. Keep praying but do not fail to explain your side of the story whenever you have the chance

  2. Just let her be,she is jealous because you have what she do not have and cannot get. Keep far from her she can poison you. #PullDatPant

  3. Like seriously you want to go about trying to convince people that you are innocent of those accusations? Poster, please avoid that woman, stop greeting her if possible. Live your life, face your family. God will surely intervene

  4. Pls take your time to read Amara Van-lare's story about a similar challenge The God that fought for her will fight for you, don't bother defending yourself. Leave it all in God's hand.


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