Saturday, May 23, 2015

Good morning,
i need advice...... 
i dated a man for almost four years when he had nothing,he got job,hid it from me and changed drastically,,to my greatest surprise,i asked why his attitude changed,he boldly told me he realized we were not meant to be..this same man promised heaven and earth, shed tears for me not to leave him and even made me reject better men coming my way during the days of his job hunting that all would be settled as soon as he gets job.
I was stuck to this guy just for me not to disappoint him,the job clicked i didn't even know,found out after he jilted me.. 
I was really mad not because we didn't end well but because of my precious time he problem now is that i needed to settle wit a man i would grow/build up with..but with my above experience,i'm afraid,please what do i do??

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