Saturday, May 23, 2015

Why the rush or am I harsh?

Good morning Aunty Amara! Please hide my identity and notify me when posted. 
Am a 25 years graduate awaiting service. There's this guy i recently met on facebook and we exchanged numbers. Its just about two weeks now but ever since then, he calls me too frequent, professing his love and i hate that, especially as i haven't yet given him my reply to his proposal; to me he's pestering me. Aunty, can you believe that same week we started communicating he said ''lets just be friends, later...i am beginning to develop feelings for you, later l want you to be my wife, then i want us to know ourselves better...''. He is even begging me to visit him next month. When i complained that he's moving too fast and he is too desperate for my liking, he ll say its because he loves me so much and don't want to lose me to another guy. Aunty, is this possible just by seeing someone picture? Am not in haste to date or marry, so i want to tell him to stay away from me since he doesn't want to give me time to make up my mind. Aunty, am i too this the right thing to do? Please advice me...Dear sender,
I understand how you feel about his sudden rush to have you as though the world is coming to an end.
Do not burst his bubbles by turning him down, appreciate him for who he is and manage the situation by reminding him that at the right time all things will take shape.
No matter what he says or did not say, do not set out to go and visit him.
He is the one who is toasting you and should go out and meet with you.
Let him make out time when it is convenient for you and visit you in an open place i must add.
Only then can you decide whether to continue with him or simply respect him as your friend that he is.
Do not be harsh on anyone all because they appreciate your beauty and compliment your personality.
I feel its a blessing for others to compliment you and remind you that you are beautiful just the way you are.
Apply wisdom and caution in relating with him and remember that what works for one lady may not be the same with you.
Its natural for a man to feel that way when he sees a lady he so much loves but with wisdom and maturity you can discern those who are real and those whose intentions is to sleep and move on.

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