Thursday, May 14, 2015

He doesn't want her; she wants him

goodevening please maa am a woman of 28 i mate my hubby on December 24 he proposed to me and we did our traditional wedding on 7th 4months ago. but maa am in a hot soup. i regret getting married. for one month now am not with my hubby it all started this Easter my hubby and i agreed to travel home but something came up so he ask me to go. @ first i disagree with him because i don't want him to cheat on me. i later change my mind and travel home. ever since i traveled he haven't call or send me message, when ever i call him he won't pick my calls or reply my message, some times he will busy my calls, he will sound so hash and cut off my call. which i later notice his with his Ex girlfriend. because the girl started insulting me sending message even on whatsapp insulting me. i got very angry and called my hubby he asked me to go and apologize to the girl.
I told my people which they are not happy @tol. so i called all his brothers and sisters which he said his no longer interest in the marriage that he has gone back to his Ex girl. i felt to disappointed and it hurt me somuch, am hearthbroken. he said i should carry my things which i did and i bond all our wedding pictures and video. out of anger but still yet i still have strong feelings for him. since then he haven't call me. please what do before i do something stupid. please advice me. i love him somuch. but my people said i should forget him and carry on my life. please hide my ID AND NOTIFY ME WHEN PASTED. THANX. NOTE WE DIDN'T DATE BEFORE GETTING MARRIED.


  1. I wouldn't go ahead to blame you for getting married to a man you didn't date cos even those who date for years can decide to pack up after marriage in one week. Sincerely you need to find a way to calm yourself. Personally I believe what you feel for the man right now is not actually love, you feel used and cheated. You need to forget him in anyway u can. The man who left you for another even in marriage, what makes you think he will ever treat you right? He does not deserve you so u need to move on. First, get close to God, second, find something to do, third, make friends (male and female), forth, love yourself and take good care of yourself and fifth, be happy. Thank God you aren't pregnant yet for him. So move on, when he sees you glowing, then he will realize what a treasure he has lost. Cheers!

  2. well said TY Brown


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